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Charlieskies and amazingphil dating simulator, best overall dating simulators (#1-2)

In and Charlie also became increasingly hostile towards Dan on social media and tweeted a number of inflammatory things - joking about phan, Dan's sexuality, calling Dan an asshole, and similar things.

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I love both of them but It's a vocal minority that really don't like me. And I really wanted to be friends with them, and I was trying to talk to them, I'd email them to collab, I had like 10K subscribers, right.


Her support of the charlieskies twitter bullying on her main channel And if you get that reference, you're an awesome person.

In June ofaround the same time Dan and Phil first began talking, Charlie began dating a mutual friend Dating guru vida 3sixty5days.

The Zoo Day video thumbnail can be seen on the wayback machine [ link ] and his tweet promoting the video remains online. Don't you feel awkward when you go to SitC and see Phil? Pablo is definitely love.

This is the thing, I don't like saying because every time I even say their names, their massive group of fans-- massive group of fans-- of these two Youtubers-- Shane: No one appears to have saved the video before deletion.

The oldest currently surviving tweet from Phil to Charlie is dated 4 Novin which he references talking to Charlie. They met in March of and filmed a video that Phil at some point removed from his channel prior to They hate me, they don't like me, their fans. I used to think it was fun to sort of show tweets of support to that and, and feed off that drama, that's what I used to do, I used to be like that.

I was a massive fangirl of these two Youtubers who were very big in the UK, a massive fangirl back in You remind me of Dan so much.

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They communicated frequently per Twitter, Dailybooth, Skype and phone and they had a collab channel together called pabloislove. Wait, is phan real?

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I'm not gonna prank call Phil, that's not a good idea. Charlie Casey, or the youtuber charlieskies, became friends with Phil some time in mid to late Some of them do. The four of them were friends up until Charlie and Stephen's messy breakup in that resulted in Charlie breaking Stephen's nose.

They don't like me.

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Err I used to We were hanging around and talking for like a while, and it was awesome. I took it personally, like "Wow, they're shading me. But I was very over-the-top with my fangirliness; I had the shirts, I'd make all the references, I was basically cringe-worthy.

I was very naive and stuff, and like obviously they would get so many emails, they didn't reply or anything.

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In the period, Charlie made a few comments about his relationship with Phil, though ultimately none were entirely clear and Phil has certainly never offered up any perspective from his end. So who have you had beef with? What is your OTP? Phil unfollowed him on social media in early Do you ship phan?

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There is nothing definitive stated by either of them at the time to indicate a relationship, and they seemed to fall out of constant contact within a matter of months after meeting in real life. And ever since-- transcribing creds to fancybum!

Emma Blackery briefly mentions Charlie and his relationship with Dan and Phil twice in Tweet captures credit to thephandirectorywhere you can find more discussion and analysis of these tweets.

Ok, I won't say their names.

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I've never heard that one before! But I took it personally, and this was years ago. Charlie and Phil's Apple Store photos from the zoo day: I did it once ages ago and he didn't appreciate it. The phandom killed it. I'm not calling Phil, it's Friday evening he's probably After a series of especially confrontative tweets in Dan removed Charlie as a friend on all his social media accounts.