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And they also came from a time period when there was a line drawn between civil, even though some of their stuff was pretty vitriolic, but it never descended into just complete baseness on a professional level. Everybody can put up a site, but you also have to be able to make some money at it too.

And in all the years I knew him, he had never talked about it. If my cancer had come, and it would have, and Chaz had not been there with me, I can imagine a descent into lonely decrepitude. Surprised, but very impressed with him.

There are several things. How hard is it to find someone who just likes movies, likes cats and wants to have kids? Their wedding reception was held at the Drake Hotel. You remember some bald jokes. Have you tried just sitting next to a woman at the theater when you go to the theater and striking up a conversation?

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I became his voice. My memory is that Gene started it, but maybe my memory is selective. In order to complete the effect of it, we needed to find an actor that could impersonate Roger, but do it in a heartfelt way.

Other people did care. Magnolia Pictures Before you met Roger, were you a fan? He was also at first reluctant to have this film made.

She took a lot of care with her appearance and her clothes never looked quickly thrown together.

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Let me tell you something, at Ebert Fest, this is our 16th year of Ebert Fest. We have had several people who met at the festival get married, every year.

He did not learn how to do that, so Siskel would come in and fight with Roger and really nudged him until Roger became a fighter and fought back. He was not used to fighting. One of the things I do because I believe so much in love, I tell people to talk to each other in lines.

He meant that and he embraced that.

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You know, I thought about it kind of late in the game, that it would be good to do that. Now, if you caught some of their comments in between, those were base. No, the thing I wrestled with because of his being a champion of my movies, in particular Hoop Dreams, in regards to this story was whether I should include Hoop Dreams in some fashion in the film.

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I might have vegetated in hopelessness. She also organizes the Ebertfest film festival and as she continues her endeavors, it is expected that her wealth will also increase.

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It was always complicated. Days later, Roger had to go to LA and asked her to go with him. When he talked about movies being machines that generate empathy, he meant it. I stayed behind the scenes deliberately. From the time that Roger was diagnosed with cancer, it effectively took over her life, as she became his full time carer.

What did you love most about Roger? We get solicitations all the time from people, and some of the people have joined us as a result of solicitations. The couple originally worked on the documentary together before his passing.

Because it is an unflinching portrait, some of it is a little painful to watch, but I love just being with him again, that way.

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After 17 years she and Merle were divorced. Also, The Brown Bunny. Their thing was Roger was the fat one, Gene was the bald one. I also loved how generous he was with his fellow film critics.

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He was so curious. He was on TV, but that was a different medium — and he was doing his job. I just had to go back and make sure it was good. A lot of people will do it because they love it and they just have to do it, and have to find some other way to help supplement their income.

Life Itself: Steven James & Chaz Ebert on Dating Film Critics

Was that a particular episode where someone had the foresight to save that? Even if you pitch a site, they already have a critic.

So I was advocating on behalf of him. If I thought about that question a lot, it would make me cry. How does one go about that in this climate where I think anybody who wants to write reviews puts up a site and writes them themselves?

He wanted to understand every aspect that goes into filmmaking. To see that kind of resilience of the human spirit moves me to tears. Did you want to interview any new generation critics who were inspired by Roger?

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They both were these young warriors who were hired at 24, 25 or 26 years old. Roger was a much more versatile and prolific writer, and Gene would say so. Roger and Chaz met at a restaurant back inwhere Roger was dining with Eppie Lederer while Chaz was at a nearby table with a couple of people that he knew.

And we hope that we would rally the same way he did if something happened to us. They took that rivalry seriously. I loved how deeply he loved me. His spirit is just transcendent in the film.

Chaz, as different audiences see this film, what are you learning about the way the world feels about Roger?