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I don't know if this young woman was in CT as I was not there, but I started seeing her when Cherry came back from being in LA for a long while. I really hope you're not involved in the production of 'The Heiress. Warren's Profession" and then a few days after I saw a short interview Cherry did about it can't remember where.

Just hope Cherry doesn't tango with AJ.

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There are shed loads of actors and famous people everywhere, but when they're dressed down I don't notice them. Dennis Gagomiros is the 'engaged to' dude.

Hard to work with. Did you see her in "Liberal Arts?

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You spent time with the Heiress Cast and Crew many years ago? It's obvious to anyone who has watched Cherry-in-Interview that her remarks to the press are mere boosterism.

This thread has taken a somewhat interesting turn and that is kind of neat. I assume they are living together, this young'un and CJ.

So probably I won't believe it.

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So you live close to Cherry. My personal knowledge stems from time spent with the Heiress cast and crew many years ago. No, I don't live on Perry. Looks boring for NYC!

Legiters turn out to fete the opening night of the much-lauded revival

I don't know anything about LA. All the gossip says that Cherry has gotten around. But, I doubt she ever will. Cherry Jones is supposed to be the most beautiful soul on earth.

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That was Yom Kippur! It just so happens I was in the audience that night! Cherry is quite conscious of her image. She is Irish after all. But Janney is not a fantasy figure for Les Lez.

Cherry Jones

Cherry Jones should let her Freak Flag fly That is a tongue-twister. Once -with older stars - like Glenda Jackson. And you also live very close to Cherry? Let's talk about Cherry. But still Cherry is supposed to get around. Are you one of the stage crew who messed up the scene with the Coriander cookies and Sherry?

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Those little plastic cups dancing around like that on the little bottles of Poland Springs water! Allison comes from a wealthy family, she didn't have to resort to that. And furthermore, Cherry Jones could have done a lot better with that part!

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And her lips are Botoxious. She has a big lez following, believe me. Ed Hibbert kept everybody sane being so damn hilarious. Mere "notches on a lipstick case? In that she is not alone; so many of those actor types are that way.

And she is mean. Allison Janney is straight, and she knows she is a big lesbian fantasy object, lesbians kid her about it, she laughs but she isn't into it personally. R89 - I agree about Sarah looking better blonde. Heard Allison has a nude scene in the Christian Camargo Connecticut movie.

She sounds fascinating and yet a wee mite bit far out all at the same time. I used to see Sarah Jessica Parker almost every day. Just like Sarah Paulson was 'engaged to' Tracy Letts.

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And Tim Gunn and I always swap smiles. I don't know that Paulson is mean, but she is a big fame whore who trades on the cachet of her famous companions.