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Since then he has directed 12 features — Exotica, fromwas the biggest commercially, and 's The Sweet Hereafter the most critically acclaimed, winning two Oscar nominations. Stefano AccorsiCarolina CrescentiniElena Cucci A big family that like any other one includes relatives that see each other often and others that rarely meet, reunite to celebrate the 50th wedding anniversary of grandma Alba and grandpa Pietro in a big Villa, on the island they moved to.

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He seems to be on good skypost online dating. The situation here is this: One boy, Simon Devon Bostick writes it up in the first person, imagining himself as the terrorist's child.

Rather sweetly, Egoyan said one of his reasons for making the film was to get to grips with his teenage son. He wasn't what I expected. The question as always is: Salacious elements aside, Egoyan says this tale of infidelity, deceit and obsession possesses a depth that sets it apart from other sex thrillers.

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When he was that age he was reading Beckett and Pinter, throwing himself into local theatre. How do you do that without compromising your own voice?

It was during shooting in March last year that Neeson's wife, the actress Natasha Richardson, died after a skiing accident in Canada. She responds by pushing his hand up her skirt and laughing manically.

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A situation isn't always conducive to storytelling telling a story vs. Catherine can imagine David doing these things, and we as the audience accept this as what really happened because Chloe, as the in-charge girl of the fantasy, makes it so.

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But that's not even what Atom Egoyan, the director, is fully interested in although the sex scenes, when they do come up, usually from Moore's gynecologist imagining what her husband has been doing - and then herself actually with Chloe, are the most seriously erotically charged ones seen in a while.

And I'm trying to keep it more linear but we'll see how that works," he says. They can leave you deeply uneasy.

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At our first enconter, in the cafe, Egoyan was nursing a hangover that made him pleasantly effusive. A third-act revelation I hesitate to call it a twist makes things a lot more clearer, but does it matter if one sees it coming I didn't, but I can see how suspicions can be had right from the beginning.

Egoyan made his first film, Next of Kin, inwhen he was 24 — "I was very driven" — which roughly puts him in the same generation as Jim Jarmusch, Todd Haynes and the Coens. But according to Chloe, an innocent conversation him being "friendly" as he is with a lot of women turns into something else entirely It's a remarkably quick turnabout, by anyone's standards.

Nevertheless, he says he is attempting a more straight-ahead tact on his latest script.

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He had clearly thought about it a lot. The new version is being prepared for MisterWhiplash 29 March Warning: Because of weather conditions they all remain stranded on At the festival's next edition, Egoyan returns with a new film, Chloe; this one stars Julianne Moore, Liam Neeson and Amanda Seyfried, and Egoyan is holding forth in a suite at Claridge's in central London.

Her unorthodox visit to his hospital bedside has a profound impact on them both, This situation unfolds in a manner that is less about the conventional 'what will happen to their marriage' than what will happen to Moore's character, and Seyfried's Chloe, in relation to one another.

Eventually the movie Chloe turns into an obsession kind of story, where Chloe becomes enraptured with Catherine and their tryst together. Because I know I can make films in a certain way and that's been really gratifying for me but it's also nice to story-tell, or create a story like 'Chloe,' which is able to be accessible to a wider public.

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One part of it is the camera, sliding along and pairing up the imagery in certain scenes watch as Catherine is excited in the shower of the image of David in the botanical garden, their juxtaposition is interesting. He can't talk about the second project, but the first was a thriller with Susan Sarandon.

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You would want to find the largest audience possible. He called it "a coming of age story in the time of the internet".

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His family had never openly discussed it at home: He admitted there was a limited audience for the arthouse films he makes. Growing up in Victoria, British Columbia, all he wanted was to fit in. It's not long before a sultry relationship unfolds between the two women, leading to a hotel-room tryst and a violent conclusion.

In the fancy suite at Claridges a makeup artist is on her mobile tracking down the correct shade of lipstick for Julianne Moore. Adoration is released on 29 January, and Chloe on 5 March Topics.

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Instead, Egoyan joked about failing to meet Penelope Cruz at a party the previous night.