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Enjoyment 7 This review is partly for both seasons. Sandman finds her and takes her into Saint-Germain Castle. Plenty of comedy bits with the maids and over the top action.

The team of the G pilots that pilot the mecha called the "gravion" is the team that is under the command of a billionaire named Sandman who leads this choujuushin gravion zwei online dating of fighters to victory against the onslaught of the Zeravire.

Upon stealing development data on the Gravion, she returns to her superiors, in order to provide them the means to counter the Zeravire threat. Leele is occasionally seen with her pet ferret Lolotte. Easily frightened, Eina finds simple arguments harsh and battles against the Zeravire to be unbearable, but does her best in her piloting duties as the second driver of the G-Driller.

In Gravion Zwei, she pilots the Geo Javelin. Her escape ship failed to enter warp travel, thus arrived on Earth at a later time, yet her own subjective time was different, thus she only aged a few months.

Although only interested in finding his sister, Eiji becomes part of Earthgertz, who are the planet's only defensive team able to prevent the Zeravire from destroying humanity, by combining the vehicular Gran Divas with the Gran Kaiser mecha to form the titular super robotGravion.

The mask holds the memories of the original Raven, a former colleague of Zieg Zeravire on his homeworld of Llambias.

The previous holder of Raven's mask was Luna Gusuku's father Isana, before he passed it down to Ayaka. When she disappeared while on a mission, Sandman was forced to send the letter to Eiji to bring him there in order to recruit him onto the team.

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She has no memories following the accident, which has left her traumatized and the sight of raging blue flames easily puts Leele into an extremely frightened state.

As i found this season much more satisfying then the first and ill get scotland yard jogo de tabuleiro online dating that later.

Extremely athletic and physically strong, he is the pilot of the Gran Kaiser, the robot that combines with the four Gran Divas to form the Gravion.

They are known as the zeravire. The individual Japanese DVD releases for the first series also had special limited editions.

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Raised by Klein Sandman, she secludes herself from others, but opens up to her fellow Earthgertz teammates when they realize she is the choujuushin gravion zwei online dating of the G-Shadow Gran Diva.

As they attempt to fend off the Zeravire, the Earthgertz and the EFA must set aside their differences, confront their pasts and unveil the mysteries of the Zeravire, in order to end their impending threat once and for all.

But if you can manage to muster the first season, you will be treated to a much more satisfying plot in the 2nd season. If your a fan of echii, then you will see alot of it, even more so in the 2nd season.

To provide himself the means to prepare for the Zeravire, Sandman genetically suppresses his own G-Factor, giving him immortality and turning his hair purple from its original blond. It definitely probably wont live up to "power house shows" like Code geass, and the Gundam Franchise.

Before her home planet of Llambias was destroyed, thus the origin of her lost memories, she was placed in a stasis capsule and sent by her uncle Hugi Zeraire into space, following the signal of her father's vessel.

Some time before Eiji's arrival at Saint-Germain Castle, a spacecraft lands on Earth that followed his escaping vessel, carrying his daughter, Leele Zeravire. Originally an orphan, Touga was raised at an orphanage sponsored by Sandman.

Lingerie: Season 1

It took Sandman nearly 50 years to create her current, artificial body. In fact, Faye was initially selected to be trained as the pilot of the Gran Kaiser, for she had a similar, if not, higher G-Factor than Toga, but Sandman made a last-minute decision and selected him, instead.

Her father Isana Gusuku disappears while working for the billionaire, and has since stayed in Sandman's castle, eventually enrolling into the Earthgertz. Raven oversees the Earthgertz's training, combat simulations and attack situations against the Zeravire, and occasionally answers to the EFA about Sandman's involvement in the extraterrestrials' invasion, in place of Sandman himself.

Eiji Shigure[ edit ] Protagonist of the series, year-old Eiji Shigure is searching for his older sister Ayaka Shigure, after he receives a letter from her.

Upon escaping Llambias, Sandman and Raven flee to Earth. However, upon being saved by Sol Gravion, she reconsiders and dismisses her grudge.

Frequently bullied by some of the other children, another orphan was there to help him through his time at the orphanage, until Sandman adopted him and took him to Saint-Germain Castle. Touga has one of the highest G-Factors among the Earthgertz, thus is capable of withstanding the pressures of piloting the Gran Kaiser.

Easily angered, Eiji carries a short temper which makes him quite easy to manipulate and is annoyed by the carefree and clueless Toga, the other boy in the castle, who has no outside interaction prior to Eiji's arrival, or the feisty Luna, who picks on him for not being more like Toga.

In Gravion Zwei, she pilots the Geo Caliber. Sandman never knew of her survival until then. Yu Asakawa Japanese ; Kira Vincent-Davis English Leele[ edit ] A shy girl who lives isolated within the castle's south tower, Leele claims her parents died in a fire years ago.

He reluctantly stays with the Earthgertz to assume piloting responsibilities, but above all, will leave once he finds Ayaka in Sandman's castle. Sandman was originally Zieg Zeravire, a scientist from the ecologically devastated planet of Llambias and the husband to Lufira Zeravire.

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In order to stop further contamination and to prevent an all-out war between the neighboring world of Selias, due to Llambians forcing themselves to immigrate there, Sandman creates the Genesis Machine Gran Sigma, the prototype to the Gran Kaiser, in hopes of restoring Llambias' environment.

In Gravion Zwei, he pilots the Gran Sigma. However, when it rises back up all of a sudden, the Earthgertz and its trump card Gravion, is needed to defend the Earth again.

Her name is actually an alias; in Gravion Zwei, she reveals herself as a sleeper agentworking for the EFA intelligence division.

He ends up piloting the G-Attacker, a vehicle called a Gran Diva, that is one of five machines secretly created by Sandman himself, during a mission of Sandman's Earthgertz team to defeat the mechanical extraterrestrials called the Zeravire.

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In Gravion Zwei, he pilots the Geo Mirage. Toga claims he has been inside the castle all his life, never knowing any other human interaction besides the Earthgertz and Sandman's countless maids.

In Gravion Zwei, the Zeravire invasion seems to have stopped. Each volume came with a figure of the respective front cover's character for that DVD for a total of six figures covering each of the main Gravion pilots in their pilot suits.

His search for her leads him to Klein Sandman, a mysterious billionaire and Eiji secretly infiltrates his enormous Saint-Germain Castle while he is hosting a party for Earth Federation Alliance EFA leaders, in order to find her. Sandman explains to Eiji that his unique G-Factor allows him to pilot the G-Attacker and that his sister, who also had the G-Factor, was secretly part of Earthgertz.

He intended to use it on the Selians, as a means to spare enough Llambians if war was to occur, but Sandman did not wish to see lives sacrificed. A skilled hackershe looks up to Ayaka Shigure when she first arrived at Klein Sandman's castle and claims Ayaka as her best friend, though is still in question at her sudden disappearance.

Deja Vu (2013)

Gravion is your typical old school mecha show with plenty of fan service to suit your needs of that desire to look at naked girls or "maids" as they are in the show. Unfortunately, his brother-in-law Hugi Zeravire creates the Genocidron System, an automatic, robotic network programmed for extermination.

The first season is at most pretty predictable throughout the show, just alot of action against the zeravire. Very serious and committed to her line of duty, she was an orphan at the same orphanage sponsored by Sandman, meeting Toga Tenkuji for the first time, protecting him from frequent bullies.