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Byron interviews The Miz. It has come as no surprise to see this years-long feud heated up in a major way on the path to SummerSlam.

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Sheamus in and cuts off Kofi and dumps him to gavisus latino dating floor. Big E powers out again, hoists Cesaro up and Kofi tags in and they hit midnight hour for the win! This is probably the one instance in anime where I always choose to watch the English version over the Japanese.

Zelina Vega defeated Lana 3: Truth hits a RANA, and a leg lariat and hip toss. Big E fights back and hits the uranage for 2.

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With Lesnar looking toward competing in UFC, it will be interesting to see whether he drops the championship at this event or perhaps the next night on Raw.

Raw Women's Championship -- Alexa Bliss c vs. Kofi tosses him, but Cesaro limiting beliefs dating games him off as Sheamus tags in for a double back beaker for 2.

Sheamus tags in and ends up posting himself and Big E gets the hot tag and runs wild, tossing Sheamus around. However, another man who has terrorized Hardy even more as of late is Randy Orton, so you have to wonder whether this bout becomes a triple threat sooner rather than later.

Lana fights to her feet, but Vega lays in kicks. Not to mention the fact that at the beginning Chun's losing pretty bad. It seemed to take what I played on my console and put it directly onto film. Rowan follows them to the floor and he and Harper just destroy these poor fellows.

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In the games Vega was always so scary to fight as a kid. Kofi is taken out, Cesaro get the swing and sharpshooter on Big E.

CBS Sports will be previewing SummerSlam every week until the event begins, so keep it locked here for all of your WWE information and analysis as we head towards the big show.

Street Fighter Chun Li Vs Vega

Sheamus is up and looks for a brogue kick, he misses but Cesaro tags in, Kofi fights them of, tags in Big E and but Cesaro dumps Kofi and Sheamus hits white noise for 2.

Riott Squad Kickoff Show: Money in the Bank Briefcase -- Braun Strowman h vs. Big E fights but Cesaro pulls him back center ring. WWE did an admirable job building a winning streak that made Lynch whole again after so long of being second and third fiddle on the blue brand.

Lana hits knee strikes and a suplex for 1. Truth fights and makes the ropes. Great work by all involved. After what transpired on Raw with the return of Ruby Riott, this should find itself on the show. Not as good quality but better than nothing. It may wind up being a No. The boom drop connects and the Bar retreats to the floor, but Kofi wipes them out with a dive.

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Sheamus back in and covers Big E for 2. US Champion Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Kofi finally starts to fire back, and manages to dump Cesaro. The New Day defeated The Bar Lana attacks at the bell and works over Vega in the corner.

They got a lot of time, they busted their asses, and delivered a great match, with a hot crowd that was into everything, especially the cling stretch. Post break, and Sheamus is working a half crab on Big E. It looked like Balor might get the opportunity, but it will be Rollins getting yet another rematch against Ziggler after pinning him in a tag team match on Raw.

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I'd be surprised if there was. Lana hits suplexes, Almas on the apron and distracts Lana.

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Is there anyone out there on GAF who's never seen this fight before? Kofi tries to fire back, Sheamus tags in and hits a clothesline and covers for 2.

That impression I had of Vega as a bad ass really amped up the tension in this fight. After defeating Carmella, Lynch earned herself a title opportunity and should be able to cash it in now that James Ellsworth is fired and unable to interfere.

Back in and Cesaro tags in, grounding the action. And considering the importance of the show to WWE -- after all, it is the company's second-biggest pay-per-view of the year, it should be no surprise that the first two matches booked for the card involved two of the company's highest-paid talents in Brock Lesnar and Ronda Rousey.

Vega slaps her and Lana knocks her to the floor. Vega kicks him and Almas posts Rusev. Kofi picks up the pace hits a dropkick, and covers for 2.

The payoff for a months-long feud that began when Bliss cashed in her Money in the Bank briefcase during Rousey's title match against Nia Jax, this may be a massive moment for Rousey and the WWE women's division.

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SmackDown Women's Championship -- Carmella c vs. This should be fantastic. Rusev attacks and takes him out.

Champions The Bludgeon Brothers vs. Will sides even up at SummerSlam? Street Fighter Alpha seemed to borrow heavily from it at least. This match was announced on Twitter after weeks of Nakamura terrorizing Hardy.