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The one who have suffering when they married, but give me a big laugh, so enjoyable time. I really want to see them together in real life but even if they don't date after, I'm very satisfied just knowing in my heart that they had good memories, great laughs and genuine friendship.

Now, I started to like Kang Sora very much. The two have been sharing PDA since July and have almost 20 years between them. This is really my 1st time They playing, teasing each other, taking care their partner, make a joke or cheesy comment, compete, fight verbally and physically You can see how YongSeo's relationship progress bit by bit and it is so heartwarming.

The two were in London recently and saw Mamma Mia! It was a love that was found on a very unexpected way.

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Not only do they look like they have real feelings for each other, they also share a true bond of friendship. Their relationship started beautifully but they had difference of expectations in the middle When he started to be rumor with another girl, I feel like they are not match with him.

I could instantly tell that they really trusted each other and loved each other. Victor went on Instagram and made a post for her birthday. They made inimigos de sangue dublado online dating so flutter so many times.

I like this couple out of all the couples I've seen in wgm. She celebrated her 24th birthday recently in the Hamptons and the two have been non-stop cuddling ever since.

Everyone would agree that they are a couple that shows the most chemistry.

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Park seyoung is such a kind soul and Wooyoung such a great man to match I like it specially when Jokwon began to nag and keep repeating his word until Gain agree miss this couple a lot!

I'm a fan of their team-up. Then they took it up another level when Baldwin was seen wearing an engagement ring. Whenever I think about WGM, I think of a variety show where everything is scripted and there's nothing really 'there' between the couples.

I can really see a bond or a relationship when I watch the two of them. I can see them falling for each other more and more.

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Throughout the show, both were always honest with how they felt. Their approaching is slower than other couples. God they were so sweet, caring and so funny and entertaining.

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All of a sudden I am inspired to believe in the marriage constitution They're so natural, I see great chemistry between them. I'm very thankful for that. G and their song 'Abracadabra' before they're married, the fact that they're already close before the show, it's just feeling like fate.

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Which couple is your favorite? This pairing is definitely one that leaves you wanting more and more. This is the only couple on WGM that I want to stay together even after the show.

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They fit each other so well. I became stalker especially to Hwangbo whom I admire her being a strong, sincere and loving woman. He made some events of Victoria and many more. However, they actually have a lot of things in common and are able to balance each other. Their efforts and gratefulness towards each other are worth an applause.

The most perfect pairing I've watched in WGM. Even though they had communication difficulty due to Gui Gui's poor English, they still did their best to care for each other.

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Friends who support each other at hard times will be unforgettable! They took the time. How did she manage to keep all that a secret?

I will always support them. Hoping to hear some good news soon! I really love this couple However, Yonghwa and Seohyun are genuine, both did not push each others into doing things uncomfortable and both parties respected each others.

They send txt messages and support each other when they have new project.

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Step bu step how they know each other just like a real couple. Wooyoung is so well behaved and such a baby and Park Seyoung handles him so well. They're really enjoyed it and being themselves.

I hope, they will end up in real life at the right time and at the right moment. Even though it's barely possible that they can date in real life because they are both stars, I think at least they can become quite close friends for they have experienced many unexpected ups and downs together.

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After watching them I silently prayed that they could still be together after the show. Somehow this couple make me believe WGM is not scripted. Sungjae is also handsome and cute. I mean, Heechul is on Dream Girl's book! I hope they are keeping in touch behind the cameras, even now!