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In case of a stereo amplifier we will need half that value and double the power.

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I have no copy of the schematic for the version available at the time of writing. The signal filters must go and the signal capacitors, as well as the smoothing capacitors are too small for modern use. I have not yet figured out what the guys at the Bell Lab intended to do with this addition and maybe I never will.

Both models used the W. However — the resistor that is bypassed by C1 in Fig. But I could not help adding it, due to circumstances. The Russian GM70 is not an equivalent, although a similar — but less linear triode.

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It is common sense to load the secondary with real resistors as it dampens the transformer and presents a well defined load at the principle of self liquidating debt solutions input.

Other good reason for using the power tubes as rectifiers as well, was in the maintenance and service. But gain was the issue. Bulbs listed are 12v types.

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More to come about this fascinating amplifier. But most grid chokes can not handle DC-currentdue to the mix of high permeability alloy and lack of airgap in the transformer core.

This is also why it is possible to connect the grid resistor of the D to a lower bias Voltage, maintaining suitable idle current as the V battery Voltage falls. The green line indicates the signal AC that passes through the tube via the 8uF capacitor.

All other bulb types can be furnished; if you don't see what you're after, please feel free to email. All others before this was merely detectors, that at best amplified a positive or negative part of the wave or rectified it into a modulated phase signal as they were gas filled, soft vacuum devices and negative grid bias was not applied.

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This amplifier does not really belong in the historic content of this compendium. It is not quite the same as the normal autobias made by the DC current through the cathode resistor as the negative Voltages in the Klangfilm are more or less fixed by means of the large the 1 M Ohm resistors and the 1uF capacitors that maintains the Voltage developed over the resistors R1 and R2.

This is about as simple as it gets. The was a common type, but only a few manufacturers, besides W. Swap it around as in Fig 4 and we have a plus 3 Volts supply.

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Top Message Board Disclaimer This is a public forum. The cure however is simple, remove a stage or two or in case of a high gain input pentode, turn that one in to a triode. As most 12 Watts triodes are quite easy to drive, we can get by with a little total gain. The difference between the models A, B and Cwas only the input transformer.

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Any viewer who finds a message objectionable should contact us immediately by email. But the principle — or method if you like, is absolutely the same. Despite what is often claimed by hardcore WE fans, there is absolutely NO advantage, whatsoever, by doing this.

C1 is in other words in parallel with the series combination of R1 and R2. Auto bias is provided by the idle current of about 1mA through the cathode resistor R2.

I have received some mails regarding the W.

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As we want it to supply a constant current of 1 A into any load Within capability! These guys were brave in more than one way — and at least we need to touch the hat in honor to Loftin and White…Well done, guys.

This may be a fine circuit, but it is not a W. But what is really interesting is the grid to cathode decoupling by means of the nF capacitor. The inter-stage trannie should be close to 1: This is at least the ideal theoretic situation.

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In the early days of telephone communication problems with noise and distortion was a big issue. It is always particular critical to fit and adjust the Voltages in a DC coupled amplifier. It does not work, the grid must be connected to the other side of the choke, the bottom choke side grounded, where to connect the pF cap must be found out by comparison with an actual amplifier.