Comparative and superlative adjectives activity: Jeopardy | Comparative and superlative adjectives activity: Jeopardy |

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You could use any of the standard mosts as well as some ESL specific qualities like the following. Remember your best firends adn what they looked like.

These answers are also written on the board. Students take it in turns to turn over two cards from the same category and make a comparison between the two words on the back of the cards.

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Further rounds can be played by asking the students to name other categories such as sports, animals, famous people, etc. The students then cut their questions into cards. Remember all the good times you had.

When comparing two items, also known as comparative adjectives, add —er to the adjective to express superiority. Continue until all groups have read all of their statements and any duplicates are eliminated. The student with the most cards at the end of the game is the winner.

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The yearbook features a team photo centerfold. Exceptie van dating your signal, each group should write as many comparative and superlative statements about the people in the room as they can. If you want to be an author, photographer, journalist, newspaper journalist etc This makes it all the more important to give a special nod to the MVPs of your class.

When everyone has finished, the answers are checked with the class. This holds true for any adjectives that are one or two syllables. Simply explain the idea in a way that makes sense to you and answer any questions that your students may have on the subject. Students must write a different comparative or superlative adjective in each question.

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The student with the highest score at the end of the game is the winner. Face it; they bring smiles and happiness to a dull, dull year!!! After that, students pair up with someone from the other group.

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The students write one word belonging to the category on the back of each card. The two sentences must be related to the topic. All the main events of the year are published in the yearbook. Different publication include Jay publishing Co.

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My star is the biggest star. You get a better eye for good design. The class is divided into two groups and each student is given a copy of the worksheet.

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Be patient and use teachable moments as they come along. For example, if a student turned over to animal cards and the two words were 'tiger' and 'mouse', the student might say 'A tiger is more dangerous than a mouse'.

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My star is bigger than John's star but smaller than Mary's star. People skills Yes, you have to talk to people to interview them.

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Each student draws a slip from a box. The students are divided into teams of three or four.

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Each student is given a copy of the worksheet. When the students have all the answers, they use the results to write three comparative and three superlative sentences about the students in their group. In class, present the awards in a humorous ceremony.

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When a time limit has been reached, the students say how many people they found who matched their description.

Even minor flaws could devalue the yearbook significantly. What are the uses of yearbook? Comparatives and superlatives are simple English structures that give students and teachers lots of room for creativity and humor in the ESL classroom.