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Coctel de Camarones is more of a soup, served at room temperature, made with cooked shrimp, chopped tomato, onion, cucumber, avocado and ketchup.

Most of the recipes I found involved serving cold, cooked shrimp in a cold tomato-chili sauce dip of sorts.

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It's a very easy recipe. But, I made it for him anyway. So, I perused through the many cookbooks I received as a wedding present, looking for the perfect shrimp cocktail recipe to impress my Hubby with.

I had never had shrimp cocktail before. Since I really like Mexican spices, next time I'll try adding some cayenne, Mexican chili powder and other spices.

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My shrimp cocktail turned out just like the one in the cookbook. Quick, easy, fresh, easy to adjust Cons: He really liked it. Very refreshing and light. Easy to make, quick, refreshing, nice presentation. Coctel de Camarones Shrimp Cocktail. Maybe Tomato juice or Boody Mary mix maybe better.

I like my coctel a bit thick so I added some plain tomato sauce to thicken it up. Hubby sat down to dinner, and began eating his shrimp cocktail.

Then he turned to me and asked if the Coctel de Camarones was ready.

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I had only seen it on TV cooking shows and in cookbooks. Not overwhelmingly Mexican in flavor. It's quick and easy to make, and looks very pretty. And waited patiently for me to stop arguing explaining. I was confused, again! It wasn't very spicy, so you may want to add some more hot sauce.

Erin McCormick Light, refreshing and beautiful!

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It was pretty easy. This was a big hit at a Mexican fiesta I had. I learned how to make Coctel de Camarones after a small cultural difference with Hubby when we were newlyweds. Just add as much or as little of the ingredients that you want.

I even showed him the picture in the cookbook. I let it chill in the refrigerator until Hubby came home from work. Didn't you just eat all of the shrimp cocktail?

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Hubby just stared at me and nodded. That way you can have some hot sauces for people to add to their portion as they please. Great for a summer BBQ or potluck! I argued explained to Hubby that he had already eaten his Coctel de Camarones.

May 09, By: Not even my grandparents could help me with this one. Bought low-sodium, spicy V8, which I didn't even know existed. This sound like one, but I don't like V8 juice to much celery taste and sodium. He ate it all! All I had to do was cook the shrimp and make the cocktail sauce.

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What could use instead of V8 juice. I'll let you know Great recipe April 19, By: Nutrition information Serving size: My new Hubby had requested that I make one of his favorite foods I would definitely recommend the spicy V8 juice, since I used the regular and the sauce could have used an extra kick.

I couldn't figure out why Hubby would want shrimp cocktail for dinner, isn't it an appetizer?