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The Jokera psychopath who is notorious for using a special toxin that kills and mutilates his victims, remains one of the most prolific and notorious Batman villains created in this time period. While it's fun and healthy to obsess over ideal-seeming caricatures like Thor or Sherlock, putting actual relationship prospects on such a pedestal can lead to the kind of fixation that undermines your own values and desires.

Gordon is able to subdue Bloom but multiple Mr.

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The New 52[ edit ] Cover of Batman vol. In one of the early stories he is depicted using a gun and metal bat to stop a group of giant assailants and again with a group of average criminals. Batman arrives and dispatches the Bloom doppelgangers and cuffs Gordon to a helicopter, not wanting him to risk further injury.

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I went to the DC library and read some of the early stories. I was able to ink it myself, and also got my girlfriend at the time, Lynn Varleyto colour it - her first job in comics.

They often focus narrowly on a single sort of woman, providing no alternative for other female personalities.

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Bloom, who is distributing various seed-like devices that grant its user extraordinary superpowers at the cost of their lives to select few individuals. Bruce approaches Duke Thomas with an offer and soon returns to watching over Gotham once more.

While the Batman series was not rebooted, writer Frank Millerwho had previously worked on the limited series The Dark Knight Returnsand artist David Mazzucchelli retold the character's origin story for the new continuity in the monthly pages of Batman issues — February—May All of the characters that have served as Robinexcept Stephanie Brownhave been accounted for as still having served at Batman's side in the new continuity.

The Batman often exhibited behavior that Gotham's elite labeled as excessively violent as well as antisocial tendencies.

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Using a machine that Batman planned to use to implant his memories into clones to continue his lineage, Bruce tries to regain his memories but fails repeatedly whenever he reaches the point of near-brain death. Her anthology provides a solution by offering perspectives from women who identify with a single, particular culture: At issueEd Brubaker became the writer of the series [61] and kept a trend of gritty crime drama that included more grounded villains such as the PenguinBrubaker's new villain Zeissand Deadshot.

Batman was no exception, and the first issue of the new series was released on September 21, Another contributor to the collection, Jen Aprahamian, penned a story titled, "Read 1: Yet when I get together with my friends at events or over drinks, one of our major topics is how we handle relationships and crushes, rejections, unwanted advances, and general romantic and sexual entanglements.

From there, writer Brian K.

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Moench and Dixon masterminded the Knightfall crossover arc, which saw Batman's back being broken by the super strong villain Bane. Bruce dons a new Batsuit and heads out to face Bloom. He decides to invoke brain death so that his old memories can be returned to him.

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The stories build on recent developments, with most of the character's previous history remaining intact, and Bruce Wayne is again the only Batman, with Dick Grayson having returned to his role as Nightwing.

Seven issues of Batman Annual were published from — Summer Year Onegarnered high critical acclaim for its realistic interpretation of Batman's genesis, and its accessibility to new readers who had never followed Batman before.

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One of the book's essays, by YA author Adrienne Kressaddresses a tendency to transfer the same fangirl attitude applied to celebrities or constructed characters to our real-life romances. After the Batman television program's influence had died down, writer Frank Robbins and artist Irv Novick sent Dick Grayson off to attend college and moved Batman out of Wayne Manor in issue December The next crossover, masterminded by Brubaker and Rucka and titled " Bruce Wayne: Valley is driven mad with power, and Wayne forcefully reclaims it after his recovery.

Julius Schwartz ended his tenure as editor of the series with issue March Rebirth one-shot and began shipping twice-monthly, starting with Batman vol.

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Year One at the top of a list of the 25 greatest Batman graphic novels, saying that "no other book before or since has quite captured the realism, the grit and the humanity of Gordon and Batman so perfectly.

On the project's Kickstarter page, Nicholson writes: