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As a result of his travels away from the Flash system, he developed the Anti-Flash Phenomenon and died while in battle with Alpha male flirting signs from women. The team's finishing cannon, assembled from the five Vul weapons.

After being subdued by the Flashmen, Mag is reprogramed to assist them. Because the Alien Hunters blurred his memories of the event, he has created a time machine in order to return to that time to find out more information regarding the events. Although he has a cold exterior, he is actually a very warm and charming person.

It is stored in the rear of the Star Condor, to the right of the Jet Seeker. He upgrades the prisms in their helmets to give them stronger prism weapons when the Mess officers power up, Mag can also pilot the Star Condor as seen in an episode where Jin Needs parts for his Flash Hawk.

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When they finally return to Earth in to combat Mess, who is now trying to invade it, they use the opportunity to search for their birth parents. They transform by shouting "Prism Flash! A plane-like flying fortress that carries the components of the Flash King. He helps the Flashman with his inventions.

It brought the Flashmen to Earth. He arms himself with brass knuckles. To fulfill that end, he has recruited several Great Doctor's over the Eons, some he abducted like Dr. An Alien Hunter armed with a laser gun, he was eaten alive by the monster The Gitan.

Green Flash and Yellow Flash's fighter jet. It is stored in the rear of the Star Condor, to the left of the Jet Delta. They can be used as laser guns or separated into swords and shields, used in their Combination Cross Boomerang attack. She possesses immense physical strength, which causes her to easily exhaust herself.


She developed incredible jumping abilities on high gravity planet Pink Star. They sprayed acidic strings from their mouths, which caused victims to disappear. He is armed with a pair of steel sticks. An Alien Hunter armed with a huge scythe. It is usually on the ground, but flies for the formation of the Flash King to form its main body.

Flashmans' second robot formed from The Flash titan's tractor unit when the command "Flash Turn! The mass-produced foot soldiers of Mess, green-eyed, red-carapaced insectoid battle-troopers.

Therefore, he fell into a slumber aboard the Flash Titan, who followed the Star Condor when it arrived to Earth, lying dormant until it was needed.

He fought with Hero Titan and was saved by him; in awe of the legendary warrior's courage and honor, decided to defect from Mess and promised the dying Titan that he would deliver the Flash Titan when it was needed.

A big and strong commander made up of genes of wild beasts. Kidnapped from Earth at age 3, given a scar by an Alien Hunter in the process.

In the series finale, Sara learns that she is the biological daughter of Doctor Tokimura. In his dying breath, he tries to warn the Flashmen about a weak point of theirs that shall be their downfall, but expires before succeeding. He gained great strength training on the rocky Green Star, enduring the most physical pain compared to his teammates.

It forms the left limbs of the Flash King. He gained speed and agility on the deserts of the Blue Star planet.

He learned science on the desert planet Flash Star, gaining scientific mental powers and scientific knowledge including a wealth of knowledge dealing with machinery. He was an honorable soldier who tracked down Mess from planet to planet in order to stop them.

When used, Yellow Flash first targets the enemy, then the vulcans begin to rapidly rotate and the shot is fire. He rebels once Mess keep considering him an outsider, despite the success he has brought them. However, she is actually a caring person.

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He was killed by Red Flash in a fatal exchange of blows. It forms the right limbs of the Flash King. He made friends with boxer Ryuu Wakakusa, who further trained him in his boxing abilities. A tractor-trailer-like backup mecha for the Flashman, able to convert into an airship mode.

Each of them was trained separately in a range of superpowers that will allow them to fight Mess, their bodies also adapted to the atmosphere of the Flash Solar System making them gain special abilities.

Later powered up as the monster Wandarla, in which he possessed the power to stop time for exactly 3 seconds. He challenged Red Flash to a final duel to prove his strength after losing his power and was eventually destroyed. The children were rescued by Mess' arch enemy, the Flash alien race, which took each one to a different planet of the Flash solar system for training.

The leader of the Alien Hunters, He was the one who kidnapped the five infants who grew up into the Flashman team. A robot programmed by the aliens of the Flash Star to guard the Round Base from intruders. A winged, zebra-like swordsman full of pride and over confidence.

They are a gang of bounty hunters who worked most for Mess in rounding up lifeforms for them to experiment on.

Storyline[ edit ] Infive children were kidnapped by an alien group known as the Alien Hunters for the Reconstructive Experiment Empire Mess, who wanted samples of humans from Earth to experiment on.

He has a weak spot for women, loves nature and ramen. Doctor Tokimura's wife, who is also Sara's mother.

A giant monster created from jellyfish DNA that enlarges the Beast Warriors by energy transfer, shrinking itself in the process. Since he was the oldest of the five kidnapped, his memories about the kidnapping are the strongest, although still fuzzy. The Flashman refused and he was killed as he unleashed his final creation on them.

He was also able to grapple opponents and electrocute them.

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It is known as Tank Command 1 in the toy. She had a talent for disguise and often caught members of Flashman off guard this way in order to attack them. She developed a sharp mind on the ice planet Yellow Star, often seen as cold and serious herself by most people.

A scientist and family man who lost one of his children 20 years to the Alien Hunters. A big, immobile character, he is actually portrayed by a tall puppet-like mannequin. It is stored in the front of the Star Condor.