Ronald A. Rasband Conferencia Semestral Octubre SUD Ronald A. Rasband Conferencia Semestral Octubre SUD

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We will not have too many presenters as we need to get to know each other; coffee breaks and our meals are equally important.

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With the participation of international organizations such as the ITER Organization and the European Atomic Energy Community Euratomas well as the collaboration of more than forty countries and several research institutes, including those working on smaller plasma devices, it is expected that this conference will, like previous conferences in the series, serve to identify possibilities and means for continuous and effective salgadinhos brasileiros online dating collaboration in this area.

Deadline for submission of post-deadline papers two page synopses in pdf to fusion-physics iaea. Side Events Exhibitions on fusion technology and satellite meetings are expected to take place during the conference.

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A material that can be valorised, an opportunity. Our goal is to attract a number of researchers around the world and promote the most realistic and scientifically sound solutions for bauxite residue. Amidst the charm of Athens, we will assemble all efforts for a cleaner future.

The conference aims to serve as a platform for sharing the results of research and development efforts in both national and international fusion experiments that have been shaped by these new priorities, and to thereby help in pinpointing worldwide advances in fusion theory, experiments, technology, engineering, safety and socio-economics.

Participants will receive an email inviting them to register for the app approximately one week before the conference.

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We look forward to your involvement in this journey! The app also allows users to put together their own personalized schedule of events.

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Notification of acceptance of papers. We need to change our modus operandi and become more aware and thoughtful on our footprint on Earth.

Ronald A. Rasband Conferencia Semestral Octubre 2017 SUD

Via this app participants will be able to view contributed papers and the latest conference programme, message other participants, and view PowerPoint presentations released after the event.

We are also aware that our current practice in some parts of the planet has to be revised.

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Programme Structure The overall conference programme will consist of an opening session, selected overview sessions, technical sessions with invited and contributed papers, summary sessions, daily poster sessions and a closing session.

Dear colleague, we have the motivation and willingness to organise a conference and take action in transforming bauxite residue into a valuable raw material…and we have the experience to do this professionally.


Target Audience The conference aims to bring together senior scientific fusion project leaders; plasma physicists including theoreticians and experimentalists; experts in the various multidisciplinary fields of fusion science and technology; materials engineers; and operators of fusion devices.

We would be honoured if you would like to be part of it and help us collectively organise a conference that will be successful.

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This will be our conference. Yiannis Pontikes, On behalf of the organising committee The 27th IAEA Fusion Energy Conference FEC aims to provide a forum for the discussion of key physics and technology issues as well as innovative concepts of direct relevance to the use of nuclear fusion as a source of energy.

Furthermore, the conference will also set these results against the backdrop of the requirements for a net energy producing fusion device and a fusion power plant in general, and will thus help in defining the way forward.


Finally, the conference will close with an open discussion on the important findings, messages-to-take-home and further actions, whereas an award will be given to the best presentation.

The conference dinner will take place in a magnificent setting, overlooking the Acropolis. We will have a number of invited lectures but the floor will be given to all poster presenters for a short presentation as well.

Conference material on web page. Key Deadlines 12 February March This letter is an invitation to this cause, a call to become part of the solution and contribute also ourselves to a more sustainable way of using our resources.

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Beginning of On-site Registration Sunday, 21 October Deadline for submitting visa applications recommended. Objective With a number of next-step fusion devices currently being implemented — such as the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor ITER in Cadarache, France, and the Wendelstein 7-X stellarator in Greifswald, Germany — and in view of the concomitant need to demonstrate the technological feasibility of fusion power plants as well as the economic viability of this method of energy production, the fusion community is now facing new challenges.

During the conference, the Nuclear Fusion Award winner will be announced, and both the and prizes presented.

The scientific scope of FEC is, therefore, intended to reflect the priorities of this new era in fusion energy research.

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Ideas that are novel and exciting, in the framework of industrial symbiosis, which can exploit the potential of Bauxite Residue as a secondary resource.

The way these challenges are addressed will dictate research orientations in the present and coming decades. Evaluation of post-deadline papers.