SQL Server consolidation strategies and best practices SQL Server consolidation strategies and best practices

Consolidating multiple databases, some videos you may like

Databases and instances have different service-level agreement SLA requirements.

Consolidating Multiple Access Databases into 1 SQL Server Express

Customers can now run Exchange on VMware with the peace of mind that they will receive the support they need. For smaller, departmental databases, vSphere offers high consolidation ratios and advanced resource scheduling features.

You would need to share the drive using Windows Explorer before doing this. Hence, I think my best option would be to use Access consolidating multiple databases a front end to a SQL server express database. That means the data for month 3 is significantly larger than the data for month 1.

Consolidating Multiple Applications in a Database or Multiple Databases in a Cluster

How to arrange the data: Also, you can set the transcoding folder to the drive with the largest free space. We use this in different areas but have worked with data warehousing tasks, data cleaning and migration etc.

As our databases grow in size we've been extending them onto additional devices. I then open database number 2 and run a macro that runs another series of queries using the data that I have just brought in as well as other Crosswalk tables that I have already in database 2.

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After a database has 3 - MB extensions we want to be able to 1. Do this in the Transcoding Settings dialog. There is only one tempdb database for every SQL Server instance.

Enjoy this article as well as all of our content, including E-Guides, news, tips and more. With vSphere, smaller SQL databases can be consolidated easily to fully utilize large servers and achieve consolidation ratios of 10X or consolidating multiple databases. You can migrate SQL Servers in their current state without expensive and error-prone consolidating multiple databases migrations.

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You can follow him on Twitter RossMistry. In complex application environments supported by SQL Server, this capability is especially valuable. If you don't recreate your db in exactly the same fashion in which you initially created it, you will have the problems you are encountering.

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Regulatory compliances habitually identify databases that must be isolated from other databases and managed by a dedicated team.

Customers routinely tell us they still receive the Microsoft support benefits.

Consolidate in Excel: Merge multiple sheets into one

I then run a macro that runs a series of queries on this data and then exports it to database 2. Choose how to merge sheets.

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In your case, you would set the location for all three copies of Mezzmo to the same shared network folder. It can significantly reduce TCO and the number of physical servers within the infrastructure, and with fewer physical servers, organizations require fewer licenses.

Finally, Windows System Resource Manager WSRMa feature in Windows Servercan be leveraged to partition and manage consolidated resources, which is a useful tool when consolidating.

Consolidate multiple databases via merge replication | MSSQL Forums

Support options vary, however, depending on how customers purchase VMware and Microsoft products. Eliminating repetitive operating system installation and patching tasks with virtual machine templates can speed deployment times.

This allows organizations to further scale the amount of instances and databases being consolidated, while also achieving high availability for all instances and databases within the cluster. You can deploy new virtual machines with a core configuration in a matter of minutes, allowing rapid provisioning of applications into production.

Commit the job to our Combine Sheets wizard: But even in situations like those, it is still common for organizations to consolidate to fewer SQL Server hosts and experience a reduction in TCO.

Every month I get a new Excel Data file that I copy and paste into database 1. Even the IP address and server name remain unchanged.

Check this option if you want the table headers to be included in the resulting sheet.

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Combine multiple worksheets into one with Copy Sheets Supposing you have a few spreadsheets that contain information about different products, and now you need to merge these sheets into one summary worksheet, like this: Virtualizing Microsoft SQL Server on VMware vSphere simultaneously consolidates databases and optimizes compute resources, while maintaining application flexibility by isolating each database in its own virtual machine.

Start the Copy Sheets Wizard.

Upgrade to the Best Platform for Microsoft SQL Server Consolidation

Strategies associated with SQL Server consolidation include: The transformation is deployed as a Java jar. Those situations make it clear that a single instance is not always possible. Full details at http: Select this option if you want the merged data to update automatically whenever any of the source data changes.

Since we are looking to combine several sheets by copying their data, we pick the last option: This provides customers one-stop support via the server reseller if an issue arises. Supported ESX configurations are also listed. Before providing support, Microsoft specialists may request that customers first replicate the issue on a physical machine per Microsoft KB Some organizations need to maintain separate global settings, such as authentication modes, audit standards and server collation settings for each SQL Server instance.

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In general, Microsoft offers its large customers excellent support for their products running on VMware. The following scenarios are common: With numerous options available, organizations can choose a consolidation approach that aligns with their business model and day-to-day operations.

VMware software was originally purchased through a server OEM Server resellers including Dell, Fujitsu, Fujitsu-Siemens, HP, IBM and Unisys offer end-to-end support for Microsoft software running on their servers and VMware if VMware products are purchased with the server hardware and are covered by a valid support agreement with the server reseller.

SQL Server consolidation strategies and best practices

Step 2 of 2: More on SQL Server consolidation and virtualization Read about the pros and cons of virtualizing SQL Server environments Learn why you should think twice about the Windows Azure SQL Database Find out when SQL Server virtualization is just not a good idea Through virtualization, organizations can also achieve complete operating system isolation and gain the potential to host multiple editions of SQL Server while running both and bit versions within a single host.

At that, it's rather complex and requires a long learning curve. Yep, it's that easy! My macro runs a series of queries to update this data, then the rest of my databaseslink to the resulting table in database 2 that has been updated by my macros.

In the past, runaway workloads wrecked havoc by negatively affecting the performance of all databases within a consolidated environment. Microsoft has published a complete list of supported applications, and continues to update it. In most cases, it is the option to choose. Microsoft Adopts vMotion-Friendly Licensing Microsoft licensing has recently been modified to allow customers to reassign licenses between physical servers as frequently as desired.

Consolidate SQL on vSphere Traditional database consolidation requires painful application migrations, and rigorous processes for version control and continued application compatibility.

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Therefore, organizations should size their workloads and hardware appropriately. Share virtual machines with third parties such as consultants, other partners and vendors and eliminate the need to create a duplicate environment to reproduce problems.

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A better alternative approach is to have one copy of Mezzmo installed on one computer on your home network and then you add the media files from that computer into your Mezzmo library and also add the shared folders from the other 2 computers into your Mezzmo library.