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Documents Required for Visa Processing Documents you need in order to apply for a student visa: There is non deadline for PhD applicants.

University of Craiova

The University of Craiova provides students with accommodation in modern residential halls, cafeterias, state-of-the-art libraries, sports and cultural facilities, scholarships, mobilities, assistance in personal growth, etc.

The University of Craiova will assist you in preparing for a successful career. For students who do not require a Romanian student visa, fees can be paid in one, two or three installments.

The University of Craiova can be considered a generator of knowledge and competences well adjusted to the realities of modern society. The University of Craiova is a basic unit of higher education, an essential component of the educational system and, at the same time, a high standing institution in the contemporary society.

Application deadline The application deadline might be extended by the Ministry of Education and Research or by universities till 30 August, but we strongly advice you to apply early.

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All others need to apply for a student visa prior to arrival in Romania. You need a letter of acceptance to study at a university in Romania, from the Ministry of Education, in order to apply. After you arrive in the country, you need to extend your visa and obtain a residence permit.

In such way you will have more chance to be admitted and we will have enough time to pre-process your application form and documents before handing them to the Ministry of Education and Research for consideration. Advertisements Foreign students, who have begun to study in their home country or in another country, can finish their studies in Romania.

The University of Craiova has been ranked among the 10 Romanian universities in all the national and international classifications in the last 20 years. This depends on each individual case, after the recognition and equivalence of diplomas. For this purpose, the University of Craiova has undertaken responsibility for this mission over the years, contributing to the development of national science and culture, to the preservation and transmission of the values of our culture and civilisation, to the training and development of highly qualified human resources, to the integration of Romanian scientific contributions to the development of universal science.

Students who need a visa to study in Romania must pay the tuition fee in one installment before making their visa application each year.

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It acquires, processes and transfers an impressive amount of information, providing the youth with specific knowledge that shapes their lives and their social role.

For us, they are the guarantee of a bright present and a promising future. The University of Craiova is integrated to the academic European community, sharing its cultural, moral, scientific and educational values.

The University of Craiova supports the public and entrepreneurial spirit and promotes students involvement in voluntary work as added values for enhancing their CVs. The medical faculties have two deadlines for the post-graduate studies: Student visas take up to two months to process.

Together, we can reach our goals.

University Profile

The University of Craiova has become a recruitment pool for multinational companies, SMEs, institutions, etc. The successful late application candidates may result in late issuance of their acceptance letters extending till the beginning of October.

The objectives of the University of Craiova run as following: