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In other cities such as Granada, up to 5, protesters attended.

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When Mashable asked readers " Which social network is most likely to get you laid? All detainees were released. Other cities also gathered large numbers of people: As evening fell, the protesters put up a large tarp fortune telling dice online dating beneath which they passed out signs with the intention of spending the night.

They had until midnight. Also according to the organizers, 15, gathered in the demonstration in Barcelona, which ended in front of the Parliament of Catalonia.

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These protests occurred even though protests on the day before elections are banned. Police offers arrested 24 people, and five police officers were injured.

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The US Census Bureau counts people. Among them was Le Mondethe most widely circulated newspaper written in French, with an article that noted the rarity of such large-scale protests in Spain.

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With so many options, you might be one Skype call or DSL line away from your next online dating adventure. The National Policehowever, placed the number at 20, Are you feeling lucky? These protests took place mostly without incident, except for an exchange of insults between some protesters and members of the Fraternity of the Virgin of Rosario, whose procession overlapped with the end of the protest after the latter continued longer than expected.

During the evacuation of the Plaza del Carmen in Granada, three people were arrested.

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In addition, protesters organized a food stand, which provided food donated by local businesses, and set up a webcam to provide news from Puerta del Sol through the website Ustream.

The protesters were advised not to drink alcohol or to organize into groups of more than 20 people, as these acts could provoke a legal police crackdown.

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As a result of the clashes and the following riots, several shop windows were destroyed and trash containers burned. Two protesters were arrested and one injured. Previously, small businesses had provided a great deal of assistance with supplies, including food.

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Additionally, interracial dates sites are booming. Protesters demanded spiritual philanthropy. Online dating in a nutshell?

At the same time, the government continued to announce social program cutbacks. Demonstration in Madrid Protests took place in all the planned cities. As long as there's been an Internet, people have used it to get action — from the ancient days of IRC to today's Twitter hookups.

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Many offline communities such as high school and university alumni groups have an increasing number of online sites linking constituents. Protesters created support groups for each campout on Twitter and other national and international networks.

IvoryandEbonyLove claims they're "dedicated to helping black and white singles make a love connection online. United Left announced it would appeal the Supreme Court's decision before the Tribunal Constitucional.

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Anti-austerity movement in Spain - Wikipedia

Google Docs and other servers began to receive download requests for documents needed to legally request permission for new protests. In Santiago de Compostela, a group of eight hooded people smashed several banks and local businesses. That day the tag spanishrevolution, as well as other ones related to the protests, became trending topics on Twitter.