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The Dance was done beautifully and unique in every way. Abby assigns what appears to be a simple country-style group number, but the The team gets in trouble with Abby after ice-skating.

Also, clips from previous episodes are shown, with a focus on mother-daughter relationships.

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How will the moms react to Abby's newest superstar Sophia aka "the new Maddie"? Later, Abby makes a surprise announcement that could forever change her dance company. Kelly takes Brooke to a music producer, while Chloe and Paige read lines for a talent agent.

At competition, the girls are left to conduct a run-through without Abby after an argument with Melissa, which Christi cites as reasoning for their fourth place finish, although the mothers are humbled by it. Kendall is given a solo where she must work on her facial expressions.

Maddie Intimidates the Other Soloists S5, E24 Lifetime Lifetime 3 years ago When Abby sees dancers from other teams trying to intimate her backstage, she knows she'll have the last laugh when they realize they're competing against To make matters worse, this week the team heads to St.

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Brooke is dismissed from the team for the week. The cast talks about the past american singles uk the upcoming season, with topics including: Christi feels Abby's actions hurt Chloe despite both girls feeling indifferent.

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Hosted by executive producer Jeff Collins. Maddie Skips Her Solo Season 2 Flashback Lifetime Lifetime 3 months ago After forgetting her dance the week before, Maddie's lack of confidence makes her too nervous to perform her solo and she sits it out in this clip from Season 2, The new competition season is underway, but Abby is extremely disappointed in the girls because they blew off dance class during the break.

Forced to sit on the sidelines, injured Mackenzie must watch her coveted spot on the team be taken over by Asia. The moms get beauty body-wraps. Maddie Needs to Catch Up Season 2 Flashback Lifetime Lifetime 3 months ago After missing a rehearsal day to shoot "Drop Dead Diva," Maddie has trouble catching up with the choreography for her solo and the group dance in this clip from How will she react and where do we stand in the Asia versus Mackenzie battle?

Maddie and Chloe compete head-to-head, and continuing with the political theme, Abby has the Abby Lee Dance Company vote on who gave the best performance.

Additionally, the mothers are hesitant to accept Sophia's mother, Jackie. Meanwhile, Cathy and the Candy Apples are in the midst of developing an all-male team. After patching up their friendship, Kelly and Christi face a point of no return when they argue again.

Dance Moms - Maddie Ziegler & Gino Duet 'This Girls Gotta Be Kissed'

During the group dance, Chloe improperly drops her hat after receiving strong warnings from Abby, ultimately resulting in Christi storming out of the competition. The girls dance to Christmas songs and Abby and the moms trade insults.

Sophia fails to appear at the competition. Additionally, Abby is concerned for Mackenzie's headpiece. Chloe is challenged with the acrobatic group dance, creating conflict between Abby and Christi.

Dance Moms: Season 3

Rick is worried when Jalen is assigned his first contemporary solo. The solos fare poorly at awards. Louis, when her mother Kaya fights with the team — which also leads to a restoration of the friendship between Kelly and Christi.

Following "Candy Apple's Day" in Canton, Cathy shows up at the competition with bodyguards, as her group performs a take-off of "Gangnam Style. Jill tries to become Abby's new favorite mother. Abby's love-life; charging for meet-and-greets; Kelly's return; a strain in Kelly and Christi's relationship; the fight between Cathy and Christi at nationals; and Paige's relationship with Abby.

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Rounding out the group's newcomer, Sophia, who Abby cites as her new "superstar. DanceMoms Subscribe for more from Dance Moms and Abby dotes on her new "Superstar" Sophia Lucia, who alone returns among the replacement dancers, causing Christi to wonder how to chase Sophia's mother Jackie back to California.

Sophia and Jackie briefly return, only to quickly and mysteriously disappear. The girls rehearse an acrobatic routine although the girls each falter at different tricks. Abby refuses to even say Chloe's name, who remains suspended.

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Meanwhile, Brooke is left out this week's competition as Abby is unsure about her willingness to dance. Cathy hires one of Abby's friends to choreograph a dance, which receives a perfect score. Problems arise when the flag is used in a group dance.

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Nia is assigned a duet with Paige, and Holly suggests that the stress of the dance is causing Nia's RND to arise in her foot. Mackenzie struggles when she is placed atop the pyramid and is assigned a solo, as well as given a spot in the group dance.

Meanwhile, Abby later appears teary-eyed after confronting Maddie for not standing up for herself during the protest. With Christi and Kelly bickering, Melissa tries to The Dance Moms try to make it Meanwhile, Abby visits a taxidermist.

At the competition, Cathy and Anthony criticize Paige from the audience.

Dance Moms - Maddie Ziegler & Gino Duet 'This Girls Gotta Be Kissed'

The moms and girls return to the ALDC. Unfortunately for her, the hat ends up falling off her head, so Christi chooses to leave the competition before awards in an effort to avoid Abby's wrath. Meanwhile, Mackenzie struggles with her new "big girl" role.

Melissa tries to get back in favor with Abby, but Abby remains upset with Melissa and Maddie over the previous silent protest.

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Nia and Holly must deal with RNDa painful medical condition. Melissa reveals she was secretly married, while her two daughters are given a duet together. Abby gives Holly a makeover.

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Nia struggles to keep up with Asia when they are paired together for a duet. Abby enjoys uncharacteristically warm and playful moments with Paige, Mackenzie and Kendall. Additionally, Kendall is assigned a solo this week, which Jill cites as an advantage to get into Abby's good graces.

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When the girls and their moms choreograph a dance as a tribute, Abby is offended, and chooses to let them improvise instead; but Abby does appreciate Melissa dedicating Maddie's dance to Broadway Baby Also, this week, the ALDC dancers go up against the very Abby assigns Paige the only new solo, which doesn't go over well with Kelly.

Nick Dobbs returns for a group dance that involves a tangled and confusing story of differing loves. Additionally, Sophia briefly comes back only to go home before the competition, and chooses to not return.

Chloe is scolded for her hand gesture at the end of her solo. Before they leave for the competition, the moms take Abby speed dating in the hopes that if she found