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Dodger asks Texas to marry him but she writes him a good-bye letter and leaves. Bianca's parents turn up and take her back home because they do not understand. However, Texas cannot dance and Theresa takes her place.

'Hollyoaks': Bianca Hendrickse-Spendlove teases Texas murder plot

The TV version of Bianca is very different from the book version. Rawle said that the reapperence of India's ring is "very symbolic" for Silas and Texas uses it to taunt him. Mac added that Texas and Jodie are "testing the water" and experimenting with each other.

The storyline is about "dealing with really, really strong emotions when you're relatively young. Bianca Hendrickse-Spendlove 20 examples 0. After being ejected from pubs and night clubs, she wonders around in a daze. But on their wedding day she will be pushed to her death from a window.

When Lynsey arrives she is met with Silas and she hits him with a brick. Bianca's next visit was not a good one at all.

She's very beautiful and always zhenschina v bede online dating her own way with men, which drives India insane.

Bianca is a far more innocuous character, who takes in Harry while he's on the run, and even arranges safe passage elsewhere with little apparent intention of using it against him. The village fountain has more personality than her - and is only slightly less wet. Texas is reminded of how much she has misses having Jodie as a friend and decides to spend time with her.

Texas Longford

He killed India by danny mac and bianca hendrickse spendlove dating quotes and has a "nagging feeling" that he could put right his mistake by killing Texas. Kat's aversion to dating prompts their father to come up with a new rule, to Bianca's fury: Bianca is warned that if he continues, she could receive a fine or go back to prison.

Texas was one of many new characters which were introduced during Paul Marquess ' revamp of the series. In her grandmother, Mona Kane died in her sleep of breast cancer. While her feelings for him have taken over again, she wonders whether kissing Jodie was a mistake once again.

The actress said that Texas feels sick and used when she discovers the truth.

Bianca Hendrickse-Spendlove

Bianca's vice has often been powerful men who break her heart. First, to take care of her insane mother and second, to win over her love. Morgan starts asking questions about who his father is, to which Bianca replies that his father is Barack Obama.

It is the first time Dodger feels inferior to Will and Texas becomes like a trophy. He guilt trips Texas into starting a relationship with him. I had no wealth nor prospects to entitle me to her hand.

Jodie later reveals that she is attracted to someone else and kisses Texas. She later returns for Dodger, but Will reveals their affair. Texas discovers Will and Leanne kissing so she sleeps with Dodger.

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She has a backstory of relationships with mad men, faced drug problems and has been bankrupted. The police believe Silas which "delights" him because he can "play games" once again.

Texas' guilt prevents herself reconciling with Dodger. Langford from AfterElton criticised Texas' role in the Silas storyline because he was unimpressed Hendrickse-Spendlove's acting. Bianca says that JR would not do that to his wife or brother. The writer added that Texas would visit Silas at a psychiatric hospital to gain answers and closure.

She confronts Will who throws himself down some stairs, believing she pushed him. Texas decides to leave for Australia but Dodger convinces her to stay by confessing his love.

The former, just fifteen years old, had been Bianca's special care. Texas was introduced as the sister of established character India Longford Beth Kingstoninitially appearing from 17 May. Departure and death[ edit ] It was announced on 12 February that Texas would be murdered in a " whodunit " mystery.

At which point she felt that Texas is "pretty out of her depth" as she thinks the only solution to her feelings is to have sex with Jodie. After Jodie helps Texas with her studies, they kiss and start a relationship, but she calls it off to avoid hurting Dodger. It allows him to manipulate her to get what he wants.

Although Bianca is living with her father, she visits her mother from time to time. However, when India notices that Texas' date is attractive, she ignores her own advice and meets up with him.

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Bianca is also fighting with their father regarding his strict no dating rule. Daniel Kilkelly reported that Will and Theresa will be amongst the suspects. He hoped that there would be an eventual outcome for the characters, but thought that Dodger needed to remain a "lone ranger" for a while longer.

Despite being initially hostile towards David, Bianca soon forms a close relationship with her father. Sierra, who once wanted to go into the Army, pursued classical opera throughout high school.

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He added that Texas is the "one he wants" and the most in danger from his return. They added that having sex with Doug was not a bad result, because it could have been with someone like Duncan Button Dean Aspen. Hendrickse-Spendlove said that it was the "perfect opportunity" for Silas to kill her character, but when Texas reveals that she was the original dating contact, Silas realises that he killed the wrong sister.

They added that Texas does not "know which way to swing [ After he gets her out of trouble he has sex with Bianca.

Texas avoids Jodie following their previous kiss because she feels awkward. She warned viewers that next time Texas may not be as lucky.

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When Lynsey is strangled to death Texas fears that a copycat killer is active. The main character, Bianca, works for the sake of others rather than herself. India is then murdered. Texas blames herself for India's death because she encouraged her to internet date.

Bianca informs her that there is still a chance that they may once again be together.