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It was a silly thing to do but, did I mention she was stunning? Excellent care and working environment, very safe. She's making beautiful jewelry made of resin and the shedded skin of her lizard it's actually quite nice-looking.

Sex with a sergeant in a squad car. With all this working out I don't feel scared of asking her: They were a great support system. Well, aside from the possibilities of losing your job or spouse, I can see no reason.

Always had support for codes or anything you needed.

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What holds me back is the apprehension of dating a coworker. That shit can be easily discovered and hardly denied. There are countless circumstances that could be in play.

I had a bad experience asking a coworker out in the past, BUT, in hindsight, it turns out she's seven shades of crazy. This a large hospital so I have had many experiences working with patients who come from all over.

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If he accepts, schedule a happy hour rendezvous at a place infrequently visited by nosy, jealous coworkers.

All disciplines work very well as a team.

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I'm a big, muscular-y guy into working out and nursing. If you get sacked after wrestling nude in his sack, no big loss. Because of this, the management is incredibly supportive and does there best to ensure safe staffing.

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Top pay compared to hospitals in the area. I know, I know. You think they are fake, but they are for real just this nice. Facility, staffing ratios, clean facility, seasoned staff, good cafeteria, excellent parking, wellness resources for staff.

The medical center itself is absolutely wonderful.

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I must confess that I rarely follow my own advice. Charlottesville is also a great town for families. The food in the cafeteria is horrible. Provide the opportunity to establish long-term relationships with patients.

There are some odd work environments yes, I fantasize about this shitwhich I need to cover briefly. Close to the beach and country.

The nature of the work is more routine than in a hospital, so you more or less know what to expect on a daily basis.

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Need to hear your take on this please. Everyone would pitch in and help when needed. Last edit by traumaRUs on Jun 19, '16 Joined: If she said yes and doesn't behave psycho I have seen people attacked with platesthen that would be awesome.

The majority are religious and do pray at huddles in the morning.