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Is it tough to find? Solutions You are here: However, as it is in the case of anything of value, the market is flooded with a number of duplicates and rip-offs. Used June, - July, A double star was put on ware donated to Williamstown organizations for fundraising activities.

How much does it cost? Collector's books and catalogs can be purchased from online stores such as eBay. Added to the 75th Anniversary collection in Retrieved 11 August A robin wright and ben foster dating in naming that stuck because Dogwood only has dating fenton logo glass petals.

Dating fenton logo glass my frustration with Hoge's interview process is genuine.

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Authentic Fentons, especially the ones made before the s, are highly prized and in great demand among the collectors today. But a true collector cannot compromise on authenticity, and hence, in the following lines, we will show you how to tell if a particular Fenton glass is authentic or not.

The bottles were made in French opalescent glass with the hobnail pattern. Not generally, since so many different patterns and pieces have been produced over the years.

Initially, Fenton became popular for its carnival glass creations — pieces designed to look like the expensive iridescent glass that Tiffany and the like sold, but that were affordable enough for the average home. Between andput in Hobnail and other ware.

Started back in by brothers Frank L. Brown with silver print. Make sure to follow these tips and shell-out your hard-earned cash only on the real deal. The members of these organizations include many glass experts and avid Fenton glass collectors.

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Between andthe company painted designs on glass that other manufacturers had made — but they quickly decided to start producing their own glass. So the presence of one is a clear indicator of a fake.

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It is clear that many of the 15 interviewees were not qualified and Hoge ought to have respected their time enough to reject them outright. Barring the exception of a few very rare off-hand glass items made by them in the s, a majority of Fenton pieces do not sport a pontil mark.

Put into Carnival Glass only in Preferred Seconds Solid or open single star sandblasted on the bottom or sides of "preferred seconds" sold primarily in the Fenton Gift Shop.

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Fenton, the Fenton Art Glass company in Williamstown, West Virginia, is one of the world's foremost producers of handmade art glass. Towards the end of the Great Depression they also produced perfume bottles for the Wrisley Company in These books and catalogs usually have photographs of various glass patterns along with their descriptions, which can be used for checking the authenticity of a particular item before purchasing it.

Hoge Fenton

Fenton art glass dates back toaccording to the Fenton Art Glass Company, when the first piece of glass was made in the factory. But the many different colors were the work of Jacob Rosenthal, a famous glass chemist who is known for developing chocolate and golden agate glass.

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A few Fenton pieces were made from the non-opaque and non-iridescent depression glass as well. Art glass using the original Fenton mold designs, including the Fenton emblem, continues to be produced at another factory in nearby Ohio, while handcrafted jewelry and hand painted items will continue to be offered at the new Fenton Art Glass Gift Shop at Williams Highway, Williamstown, WV Replaced the star in August, on the bottom of "preferred seconds" sold primarily in the Fenton Gift Shop.

The Fenton script "F" has been inscribed on some blown ware or used as a special decal when the logo in the mould was not readable.

Originally, they painted glass blanks from other glass makers, but started making their own glass when they were unable to buy the glass they needed. Marks bearing the County name "Staffordshire" were introduced in the mid 'S.

Byalmost all ware had the logo. Joining one of these clubs can be immensely beneficial, as these organizations and its members will definitely be able to help you in purchasing an original Fenton.

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A good collector's book or a Fenton glassware catalog can help you in familiarizing yourself with the various items that were brought into production. Interviewees are grilled about their client origination experience and potential, even as junior associates. Ina small "8" was added to moulds to denote the decade of the eighties.

In the late s, the top three members of Fenton's management died. Some of the attorneys I encountered in the hallways would purposely direct their eyes to the floor to avoid having to speak to "yet another interviewee.

Over its more than a century long run, the company has produced thousands of beautiful glassware, having innovative colors and striking hand-painted decorations. ByFenton was putting their logo on all the pieces they made.

Additionally, small markings of '8' for s, '9' for s, '0' for s, and '1' for were added to the Fenton logo, to mark the respective items that were produced in those years.

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The pattern is on the outside of the bowl, basket, or plate and the edge has two rows of holes around it. HobbyZeal Staff TIP The Fenton website has a list of the authorized dealers and stores, along with their addresses and contact details. Why did it become popular? Inthe company added their logo to the bottom of their "Original Formula" Carnival Glass pieces to distinguish them from their older Carnival Glass pieces.

This type of glass has a long history pre dating Fenton.

Fenton Art Glass

It eventually switched gears and produced new patterns that people really enjoyed, some of which was popular at the time depression glass, cranberry glass and some of which was unique baskets, Hobnail. Where the glass handles of the baskets are attached to the base of the basket a stamp is made.

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Nearly all Fenton glassware were made from iridescent carnival glass. Please enable javascript in your browser Contact Information. But the many different colors were the work of Jacob Rosenthal, a famous glass chemist who is known for developing chocolate and golden agate glass.