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Dating fight theme dance, let's dating fight!

The Dance Fight

Once, to prove I was the strongest, I tried to fight Asgore. Ready for your extra-private, one-on-one training?

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Sandstorm -- Forward Momentum Installation: A second paradox is that if this meme gets approval and it is seen in the regular listings of the confirmed memes in the knowyourmeme. He's get ripped into little smiling shreds.

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Which means that if I give you his lesson I've never seen someone more proud to get their butt kicked, ya know?

That's Asgore's favorite kind.

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Knock knock knock Undyne: Ocean -- The Waters Cleansed You two have fun! Now get out of my house!

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Overworld Day -- Riding the Wind 4. As the Heisenberg principle points out: New Pirate Invasion -- Escaping the Ruins Frost Moon - Dating Fight!

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Okay, stand behind me! And if HE'S not going to have it Title -- Ori Lost in the Storm 6. The Hallow -- The Spirit Tree 9. Alt Underground - An Ending Frost Moon -- Mount Horu That's part of why I started teaching him how to cook, you know?

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I don't know if I can ever let Papyrus into the royal guard. Boss 2 -- Fleeing Kuro So, are we ready to start? Boss 4 -- Finding Sein I have to go to the bathroom! We're not just going to be friends. Now I'm the one training dorks to fight!

Dating Fight!

Underground Corruption -- Through the Darkness Alt Overworld Day - Home I thought Undyne could be friends with you. Boss 5 Queen Bee -- Breaking through the Trap This is gonna be great! I mean, look, he was supposed to capture you, and ended up being friends with you!