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Vintage Gibson Guitars: Gibson L & L

The biggest difference is that the Kalamazoo doesn't have a truss rod. Cut and paste the link below for a good illustration of the L's capabilites.

Gibson stopped the stamped serial numbers at the end inalthough there are a few guitars made in with a "1" as a prefix. The F O N may indicate the year, batch number, and the ranking order of production within the batch of The ebony finish L was made for less than two years, in scant Depression era quantities, and is now one of the rarest of all Gibson archtops.

The pattern is as follows: The first digit of the serial number is the last digit of the year. Gibson serial numbers tosolidbody model.

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In the earlier years at Gibson, guitars were normally built in batches of 40 instruments. The Kalamazoo has a great tone For this reason, the array of four-digit serial number was exceeded after After 5 came Evidently the production was high in because "6 " is exceeded.

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Customer is responsible for any and all taxes, duties, brokerage fees, VAT, etc. Tantus little flirt text the guard would eliminate that problem. Also in and there was a high production, "9 " is exceeded for " " or higher.


Thence 5 digits and no space between the year 5 and the serial number. There are three separate groupings of numbers that have been identified and are used for their accuracy. Do a search for "Kalamazoo Archtop" and just pick the ones that have the smaller bodied guitars.

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Layaway sales are final, no returns, 24 hour approval period is forfeited. The orange labels inside hollow bodied instruments was discontinued in and were replaced by white and orange rectangle labels on the acoustics, and small black, purple and white rectangle labels were placed on electric models.

You can still post questions hopefully some of our viewers can help you out Always buying and trading Regardless, you got some good input from those folks.

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Therefore, the production in may be a "1", "2" or "3" in the second digit. All numbers were impressed into the wood and a six digit number assigned, though no particular order was given and some instruments had a letter prefix. Please leave your phone with your reply. I can't verify that the bridge and tailpiece are original, but they seem to be, judging by pictures online.

Another exception to the above rules is in the autumn fromwhere a some Les Paul Juniors and Specials had a four-digit serial number. I just got the guitar back from the repair shop as it needed some cracks mended so I haven't logged much time with it.

Gibson L-30 Archtop Guitar, c. 1940

These gibson guitars were considered higher quality guitars and had 16" or 17" wide bodies which were favorites amongst many guitar players but were quite expensive.

The tuning machines were replaced with period correct Golden Age Restoration tunersand the pick guard is M. This updated system utilizes an impressed eight digit numbering scheme that covers both serializing and dating functions. No serial numbers were used, Gibson just started therewith in Most gibson literature and guitar books state that they made the L only in sunburst finishes however I did see a black l with a serial number dated in Comes with a really nice Taylor case - in great condition - that fits it like a glove, and a neato capo.

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These are wonderful guitars. InGibson first introduced the serialization method that is in practice today.

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Plays like a dream. You might enjoy this one Give us a call. You can expect to receive an instrument from us set-up and ready to play, guaranteed to be as represented. If the stamped number consists 5 digits, there is a space between the first and second digit a separation between the last digit of the year and the actual serial number.

It should also be noted that the Nashville plant has not reached the s sinceso these numbers have been reserved for prototypes.

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Some lap steels and Les Paul's from have such a serial number. When a six-digit serial number is concerned, there is no space, because the highest number in four digits has been exceeded and so fills the space.

They are a bit different from full bodied archtops but they have their own distinct voice. Some of the videos don't specify the model of Kalamazoo so if you search specifically for KGs, you'll miss out on some of the clips. A few bolt on neck instruments had a date ink stamped on the heel area.

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This was the case in the years, and Geils, Kris Kristofferson and Keith Urban to name a few. Not the exact same guitar, but close enough to give you an idea.

I recently got a Kalamazoo KG which was Gibson's budget line back in the '30s. An ink-stamped number from the back of the headstock.