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Stay away from the dark side.

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It has designers from all over the produce en gros online dating. For others, not so much. More mature, classic or serious? That relationship, and back and forth can be hard to recreate when running a design contest.

Nate Shivar Date Published: Make your brand appear rugged, masculine and serious. Are you in finance?

How simranbedi started their logo design journey

Brown What can brown do for you? Orange An invigorating, playful color.

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White is youthful and economical, but can work for almost any brand. There is no right answer here, but be cognizant of exactly what 99designs is offering.

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And, as you might guess, the wrong combination can have the reverse effect. Some of my clients have been very happy with the design direction they got from 99designs.

As a neutral color, consider white as a secondary accent.

99designs Review: My Experience w/ Their Logo Design Store

Nobody puts yellow in a corner! Disclosure — I receive referral fees from any companies mentioned.

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Black Black is the new black. That takes a lot of risk out of the equation. They hold the money is escrow until you have accepted the final product. Translate the language of color — If your brand is international in scope, as so many today are, you should be aware of the symbolic meanings your logo colors can have when viewed in other cultures.

How 99designs Works

A common example is the way white is viewed in most Western cultures as symbolic of purity while in some Eastern cultures as symbolic of death. It was literally a store of pre-made logos for every industry imaginable. You wait for designs to come in. You choose a category, a budget and a design brief.

Having a custom design is going to be expensive. When they come in, you get a special link to view them.

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If what you choose to emphasize about your business is its variety of products like eBay multiple colors are a great way to show that diversity.

Rather be economical and affordable? Design contests are where you submit an request for a design, and dozens to thousands of designers submit ideas for your request, and you get to choose.

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Knowing the tone can go a long way to refining your color choices. All data and opinion is based on my experience as a paying customer.


Which logo colors mean what? A logo design contest can get you dozens of ideas from professional designers around the world. You can run a contest for anything from a blog logo design to a book cover design to a custom WordPress theme design.

From pastel rose to neon magenta, pick pink for a modern, youthful, luxurious look. One option is crowd-sourced design.

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Go orange to stand out from the crowd. This is perfect for their target customer. And turned it into a handy infographic quiz. A company that provides in-home care for seniors will likely have a color palette unlike that of a company that makes auto parts.