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For 18 months your mom and not your foster mom, like you call her on YouTube loved you and texted you. He has someone going over his tweets if he hasn't exploded yet.

You are are violent douchebag that is getting what he deserves. You brought that girl over and introduced her to people. You are a local celebrity as you say.

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You put Ohio on the internet map with your ass. Is Men doing this?

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The ad was for Bromo. Howeverher modeling profiles are still up.

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He's 18 now so I fucking hope he doesn't follow in your footsteps. You could've been happy and have worked in a lot of your families business.

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If you diddid you pay with it with dating luke would involve money studios paid you? You might've brought cheap souvineers from films here and give them away. We all knew you two were really "close " back then. Now you want money for free?

Also looks like she made a Twitter around the time of truelife used it like twice. Did you stay with her when you came over and visted?

Look around you Luke everyone hates you. Two years ago he would've fought people on Twitternow he's ignoring posts directed at him. Or did you stay with your dad.

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He's online selling shows and weird merchandise with his mug on them. We all know Julien looked familiar, didn't he live in town for a quick minute 6 years ago or so?

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That's kinda insane but ok and that of his girlfriend have disappeared. Get a real job like the rest of us. Your a local joke? Why won't he go away? A movie theatre below you?

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That gun is probably your dads, we know he has plenty. This whole thing is fishy. Bsb are too basic to do anything right and bromo Did you fucking seek him out to make him a prostitute too?

Do yourself a favor and stop dropping hints on what you do to people round here. She showed all the church ladies the photos of the trip she took to Florida when she went there. Is that what you do now?

He can suck all the dick he wants and still be straight! Why the fuck would she gloat about you to other parentsmine included that you were doing good for yourself in Florida.

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Look for people to prey on? Something says the past two months have been orchestrated by someone not those two, they look too dumb to plan a dogs birthday party.

In their place is this " the Vadim black project" page. Your mom barely makes ends meet feeding your sisters and here you are sucking dick for money. You made that closeness a fact when you filmed a video with him. She's following mtv and is also advertising herself for photo shoots.

Did your dad take it away? That lesbian girl still has that flag with your signature and Johnny Forzas on it. He's started this weird Facebook page and his "gf" has disappeared from FB.