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The oldest icon in the Kremlin collection is that of St. Kazanskaya, The Mother of God Date: You must clean them and wash them, keep the room tidy and only touch the icons when your conscience was spotless. What determines the price?

In the dining room there is a fine collection of Dutch and Flemish decorative paintings on display dating from the 17th through to the 19th century. At RussianIcon, we offer a non-binding and free of charge consultation and initial review of any of your religious icons.

This icon comes dating lowering standards an 19 century Old Believers workshop. The icon increases in value if it has preserved its original parts and painting.


A major part of religious practice placed icons in the highest places of honor in early Russian churches. We are very proud of its 17th century premises. In the 17th century garden room we see some fine examples of Dutch dating russian brass icons century furniture and of gobelins from Oudenaerde.

Everything you should do is contact us via email or telephone, or simply send us a quality picture of your icon via the dating russian brass icons form, and we will get back to you in the shortest time.

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We are always glad when we can be of service! At RussianIcon, we are happy to deal with the entire collections of hand-painted Orthodox icons, as well as with single Russian icons or other religious objects and relics. In the Icon Gallery an impressive collection of Russian and Greek icons can be admired dating from the 16th through to the 19th century.

In this way, at RussianIcon, we are ready to buy interesting Orthodox icons of any type, format, and theme. Numerous smaller icons dating from the 16th through to the 19th century including Palech and Mystera icons complete the collection.

At RussianIcon, we can professionally assist you in a variety of ways, including the following: As for modern religious icons, they follow almost the same procedures and paint methods that were used centuries ago, including egg tempera that can last hundreds of years.

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There was not a village in Russia without a church or at least a chapel. Click here please if you want to contact me. Despite this, our reliable experts with extensive knowledge in this field are able to distinguish an original work from a forgery.

Some of them are simply waiting to be discovered as religious icon art treasures. The first icons were painted in the country more than a thousand years ago, after Prince Vladimir converted to Orthodox Christianity. In this way, remember that getting your antique icon restored is a good idea only if it is done by a true professional.

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The last ones are usually designed for worship in the icon corner of the house. Icons were sometimes screened by draperies, so that the saints they portrayed could not "see" sins of this world. A highlight is an erotic portrait of a young Italian girl from the studio of Count Pietro Rotari.

In this way, if you have antique Russian icons and religious artifacts for sale or just want your precious possessions to be appraised, you have come to the right place, as we are constantly looking for interesting, authentic items in good condition!

Russian Icons

We guarantee an exceptional degree of personal consultation, security, and service for all our customers! The rarity of the religious icon may refer to its provenance, historical background, characteristics, the subject of the painting, age, and some other factors.

Our firm is located on one of the quietest and widest canals of 17th century Amsterdam-Holland-Europe. The owner of the firm, Ricus Dullaert, has the title of sworn appraiser in antiques and has also completed theological studies, which gives him a deeper understanding of the meaning of religious art.

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Being reliable Orthodox icon dealers, we pay attention to all restorations that have been undertaken in the religious icons we are going to buy. Another very fine painting is a Year Calender icon with 84 different iconografies of the Mother of God on its borders. Our online gallery and religious icons store founded by Oleg Kushnirskiy, a true professional who has dedicated his life to collecting and learning antique Russian icons, displays a diverse collection of museum-quality Eastern Orthodox icons dating back to the 16th—19th century.

The rarer the icon is, the more valuable it is considered.

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A highlight of the icon collection is a large icon depicting the Last Judgement, Central Russia, 18th century. However, the preference is given to genuine antique Russian icons created in the 19th century or earlier.

In general, the provenance of the religious icon shows its origin, sheds light on its historical and art importance, as well as describes its fate since its very creation. Some of them can be more than a meter high while others are no more than 15 cm in length.

Orthodox theologians believed that icons, with their symbolic content, were to illustrate the Liturgy and portray the Holy Scripture adding details to make the Gospels more understandable.

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All this icons, paintings and decorative art are authentic antique items and are for sale. What icons do we buy?

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Needless to say that the price directly depends on that assessment. Novgorod icons are perhaps the most famous in all of old Russian art.

Russian Icons

What is a religious icon? Veronika Begounova, are happy to welcome you to the house, show you the Russian Icons Collection and answer any questions you may have. We are professionals in this field so that you are guaranteed to get top dollar for quality items. Most of Eastern Orthodox icons are traditionally made from wood, but there are also examples made from gold, enamel, silver, brass, bronze, stone, ivory, and even woven fabric.

Furthermore, there are also small diptychs or triptychs foldable icons that accompany people when traveling. There are several factors that are usually noted when assessing religious icons. Our professional team of experts specializes in administering estates, maintaining religious icon collections, consulting insurers and collectors, compiling reports and reviews, preserving and restoring antique icons, as well as selling and buying Russian Orthodox icons.

George, shown on our page, is attributed to the Novgorod period of No matter the material, each of them requires much patience and tremendous craftsmanship of the iconographer, which means that every carefully produced religious icon is a meticulous work of many months or even years, especially when it comes to antique Russian icons.

The sumptuous hall, the stucco light cupola, the statue of Minerva with the symbols of Love, Hope and Faith and the original style rooms with beautiful Rococo marble chimney-pieces and rococo boisseries give the house the grandeur of Amsterdam in the Golden Age.

Every house and all rooms in it had holy icons in their best part, called the "beautiful corner. This icon measuring x cm has an incredible number of finely painted figures on it. In most cases, it implies different mentions in publications, presentations at major museums or important exhibitions, famous previous owners, reports by renowned experts, and historical events.

We can manage your collection of Eastern Orthodox icons and help you select additional items from our own inventory. Anyway, all religious icons stand for the presence of God and, therefore, are so much valued all over the world. The Entire Icons Collection consists of traditional wooden icons and a large selection of brass traveling icons.