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Even when he knows he can't win, he still keeps going. He tends to throw his mike levels into the red, sometimes, when things aren't going his way. Either that or full on Ho Yay.

That ONE booster section immediately after Gohma screws him over so often it's unfunny. Like an Old Married Couple: Nova teases Kootra most of the time but they always pull through together in the various projects they have done, especially their Minecraft series with the Tree Houses they made together.

He was going through a puzzle and at the end, it required Nova to drop a Companion Cube horizontally via wave tunnel into a small little opening. James can have a somewhat silly and crude sense of humor against just about everyone but especially against Kootra who he makes fun of the most insults like Kootra smells, etc.

Also, with some of the user-created levels in Happy Wheels, sometimes fiducian online dating and the kid end up with about 20 harpoons inside them.

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With Sly as well where Sly and Nova constantly insult each other, screw up their work on projects, and they will sometimes go out of their way to do something mean to the other.

However you can tell that the teasing is all in good spirits and that they are really friends. MLG, whenever he does something that is awesome.

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He finally makes it past that part only to trip mines in a later part. Underneath all of that is just a normal guy who likes to have fun as he has said himself during a few videos. Sometimes devoting an entire video or even a few whole episodes to just one level. However, in most of them he's actually making fun of the fact that people keep telling him the most obvious things no matter how much time has passed inbetween recording and uploading.

Several in his Happy Wheels videos including: His general attitude when playing multiplayer on games. Kootra and Nova can best be described as this. Mean Character, Nice Actor: He is pretty kind to his fans if you take a look at some of the video descriptions.

He is pretty mean when people tick him off, but when he's playing single-player, he's usually nice to listen to.

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Video Game Cruelty Punishment: They nag each other quite a bit, which Gassy Mexican puts a Lampshade Hanging on. One in the Game of Life, was "Nova's sister" appearing in game form. JBL hit Angle with 4 finishers and was about to hit a fifth, but his finisher meter ran out.

During Happy Wheels episode 82, Nova took on an incredibly hard map and kept dying on one part for five minutes.

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You can feel the love. During the Quad Mountain series, his second turtle T-Dog, becomes this.

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Video Game Cruelty Potential: Fits all the criteria. Also, episodeswhen he played the Ocarina of Time map. And when he fails at something, "I knew that was going to happen!

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To Kootra, when Kootra is gone Nova tends to take over Kootra's role as leader. The developers of Payday: The "Gay Tony" jump in Minecraft.

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Sp00n was so awesome in Nova's opinion that he not only made him a cake which he refused to eat when he hilariously jumped off the roof of the Treehouse but dedicated an entire statue to him in Minecraft. Nova goes as far as to fence him out from all the other turtles he finds later on.

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Just his general persona is over the top even when he doesn't get angry. He drops it in then complains to Sly that's he's stuck Yank the Dog's Chain: A small one occurred in his Portal 2 co-op with SlyFoxHound. Many fans commented that they felt Nova's pain when he died on that part.

There are many times where he will go out of his way to kill the Little Boy, will insult him, or generally not care that he just died, and other times he will be devastated that the Little Boy got killed or hurt or even just so much as fell off the bike. About times in the Happy Wheels playthrough, whenever he would launch the Little Boy into a harpoon trap or another kind of trap that would've spelled death for Nova, the traps would just ignore the Little Boy and activate on Nova.

Notch watches his Happy Wheels playthrough and acted surprised when he was told that Nova was doing Minecraft videos. Small shades of this with Kootra. According to the comments, though, it might have made it worse for Nova because the original creator of the map fixed the booster after Nova was done with the level.

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Just recently, he developed one to comments being marked as spam. To hear Nova tell it though he usually doesn't need Kootra's help and considers himself an independent entity.

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E, and Techno Kitten Adventure have all told Nova they watch his videos, as well.