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Learn how to Breakdance now. These moves include old-school moves and new-school moves.

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It is described as a quick muscle contraction that creates the illusion of "freezing". Our Club dance moves are easy to learn and pick up for men and women.

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Also, check out the datingws dance video suggestions on the side for more cool Michael Jackson signature dance moves. The key with this style is to improvise and interpret the music that's playing. Our Salsa Online dance lessons will breakdown men' steps, lady's steps, the counts and lead and follow so you can start dancing right away.

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With a yearning to learn some cool dance moves, but too shy to go for a dance class. You can watch our dance courses online on any device or download them to your computer.

This dance emphasizes lots of quick foot and leg movements while trying to keep the upper still. Enroll In Our Premium Dance Courses We hand-pick every single dance course to make sure it is a very best dance course in that style of dance.

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The videos that teach you how to hip-hop are showcased by Expert Village now, eHow. Email This post is written by a guy with two left feet.

I bet there are many of my kind with a similar social phobia when it comes to a bit of hop, shimmy, and jig.

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Use them in any club or party. Argentine Tango is its most original form. Most of these lessons come directly from the premium courses we offer. You will find video tutorials in these styles: Try out our lessons today. Step Up with Hip Hop I borrowed the title from a movie that showcased the hip-hop style superbly.

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Addicted2Salsa The YouTube channel teaches you the basic of salsa with the help of nearly videos. Do the Tango Tango is one of the most passionate dance forms out there. Here are ten free YouTube dance lessons you can sample. Most of the lessons follow the hip-hop style.

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The good news is that closet dancers now can hold on to their dreams of becoming the next Astaire. To check what they are, go and click on any of the uploads in this dance channel on YouTube.

You can either park yourself on the barstools or jump under the strobe lights with some of the lessons here. Want To Learn Faster? It is a social dance that is very different from the "Ballroom" Tango and has a lot more variety to it.

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Get some of the basics from the 21 videos hosted on this channel. You can start with the lessons for beginners and then graduate upwards. Moonwalk Like Michael Jackson If this one of a kind dance move has been in your wish list, learn how to moonwalk from this 2 minute long clip.

Club Dance Moves Clubs are the ultimate frontier for guys or gals who are petrified of dancing. By learning an easy step pattern you'll be able to do at weddings and parties.


There are of course, so many dance forms than you can shake a leg with. After you learn a few basic moves, you will be able to improvise to any type of music and have fun.

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This style of dance is perfect for getting into shape and feeling sexy. Breakdance If someone remembers the early years when Thriller hit us, this is what we have been trying and more often failing to do.