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Themes[ edit ] Spinoza commenced this treatise with the intention of examining the problem of knowledge, but the work was never completed. It should be noted that the garrison consisted of artillery team, equipped with the latest technology, while Kazakhs were armed only with rifles wick.

This is partly due to the fact that the Siberian military line bordered with another state, no less powerful than Russia, and secondly, the Cossacks, as military dating me is like dating a sour patch, are not regular.

No wonder the military governor of the Syr-Darya region I. Pugachev in among the Yaik Cossacks, tried to create a regular part in the region and actively use the Cossacks.

Neplyuev i Orenburgskij kraj v prezhnem ego sostave do goda.

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The ideas or concepts by means of which thought construes reality are not like "lifeless pictures on a panel"; they are activities by which reality is apprehended; they are part of reality, and reality is activity. By Junethe Orenburg province of regular and irregular troops, determinismo filosofico yahoo dating were already 81, people.

Due to the risk arising on the western borders of the Russian Empire, the 24th Infantry Division was removed from Siberian military lines. Provisions are created in the form of Russian settlements, among the workers and artisans in the newly arranged towns, fortresses and fortifications.

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Neplyuev is one of the first drew attention to the Ural Cossacks on military force to complete the conquest of Kazakhstan, especially that Yaik Cossacks lived in constant enmity with the Kazakhs. Based on the principle of philosophical determinism, it will be given the objective assessment of the historical fact.

Pringle-Pattison, Andrew Seth But it must be said that since the Ural Cossack troops created spontaneously, they were not reliable with regard to discipline and subordination to the center. For devices castles and forts, in addition to this, sent another temporary service under the name of Siberian peasants Discharge Cossacks.

It is worth mentioning that the Russian government has experienced new weapons, such as machine tools and rapid-missile missile tubes, in the Kazakh steppe. Though I must admit, that the Cossack troops before the XIX century used mainly in the form of mobile units, those were sent to the steppe with military lines, to pacify the Kazakh villages and carrying out punitive expeditions.

This is due to the fact that, firstly, when Russia began active military policy in the region, the Chinese Empire was alerted, which led to a clash between the two great powers. That is why, along with Kirillov in the Kazakh steppe, it was sent the first regular part of the region — an infantry regiment of Penza and Ufa garrison.

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In his other works epistemological discussions are intimately linked with the rest of his philosophy. Cossack units with artillery teams, located in castles and fortifications of the Orenburg region, were intended not only for the protection of military lines, but there were also the vanguard of military penetration into the Kazakh steppe.

Summary[ edit ] The Tractatus was first published inthe year of Spinoza 's death, by some of his closest friends, along with other works including the Ethica and the Tractatus Politicus.

It contains, in addition, reflection upon the various kinds of knowledge, an extended treatment of definition, and a lengthy analysis of the nature and causes of doubt. The new line were quartered, given by Kindermann to dragoon regiments and sent to 2, Cossacks of the Siberian cities.

The presence of such a contingent of troops says clearly not in favor of the idea of voluntary and peaceful accession of Kazakhstan to Russia.

In there were sent to 1, people from the Don and Yaik Cossack troops on a two-year service.

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Equipment in the steppe of military expedition led by I. In it was ordered to send in Orenburg permit any return from exile, who suffered a public flogging or have taken out the nostrils.

Irregular Orenburg Cossack army numbered 62 thousand people [9].

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He also addresses the issues of memory and forgetting. The tsarist government, sending such people to the Kazakh steppe, solved two problems, firstly, to create a reserve for military action against the civilian population, and secondly, cleaned native Russian territory from undesired element, anticipating the popular movements.

Prior to the 19th century tsarist government used on the military lines not only Cossack army, but the regular Russian army units. Troop build-up in the region due to the fact that in work began on the construction of a new border line called Presnogorkovsk, instead of the old Ishim.

Cossack troops are the large and formidable forces if they are managed skillfully, so the role of the Cossack troops in the conquest of Central Asia and Kazakhstan does not diminish, but enhanced by the presence of regular troops.

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By the 50s of the XVIII century the regular troops of 10, people had already housed on the Siberian military lines [10]. After all, the newly resettled on land Kazakh Russian immigrants were not ordinary peasants. There are two things which must be borne in mind in connection with Spinoza's conception of knowledge.

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Vitevsky wrote on this subject: It is important to note that historical data to the beginning of XIX century Russian government did not take the lead role of Cossacks, Cossack troops were used as secondary, the main strike force were regular units.

By the regular and irregular troops of 13, people placed at the Siberian military line. Usov wrote on this subject: This also referred to the settlement of commoners, illegitimate, the elderly and the slaves have been released into the wild — in general, all of which turned out to be unable to pay the poll salary [17].

Statisticheskoe opisanie sibirskogo kazachego vojska. It should be recalled that, although there is speculation about the Cossack colonization of Kazakhstan, however, before the start of the XIX century tsarist government used military lines not only Cossack, but regular part of the Russian army.

Gradually, the tsarist government is inclined to think that created a contingent of armed forces is far from perfect. By this time the total number of irregular troops in Orenburg province employs people.

For Spinoza "knowledge" is "life", not in the sense that contemplation is the highest life, but in the sense that knowledge is the means of holding together the threads of life in a systematic unity that can fill its proper place in the cosmic system.

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If a man's endeavours appear to fall short of his knowledge, that is only because his knowledge is not really what it is held to be, but is wanting in some respect. Sheshmin, Biler, Sergius and Alexis. All documents relating to military service, device, land ownership, the inner life of the Cossack troops, was taken at the level of the Senate, the Military Council of the empire, the government, which approved the special imperial decree of the Emperor.

Indeed, even in the Treatise on the Improvement of the Understanding epistemological views are almost inseparably connected with ethical ones.

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July 3, the military governor of Prince Volkonsky received a report on the formation of 12 new regiments: In total, New, Irtysh, and Kuznetsk Kolyvanovsk lines had been guns [12].

However, analyzing the historical data, we can conclude that the Russian government has accumulated on the Siberian military lines quite a formidable military force to further penetration into the Kazakh steppe.

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It was a formidable force, thrown against the people that are under the feudal system, armed with ancient weapons, which often instead of bullets fired by large stones, drenched lead. Until in the Siberian military line it was remained relatively quiet.

Therefore, in the Kazakh steppes begin to translate regular units. They were joined by the Vologda regiment and regular part formed from Ufa nobles and Cossacks.

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They were joined Orenburg and Ufa garrison regiments and Orenburg Cossacks. Neplyuevcontrary to the desire of desires of the Military Collegium, in favor of leaving the fugitive on Yaik. On the other hand, the highest expression of willing is experienced in that striving for consistency and harmony which is so characteristic of reason.

This greatly bared southern border. Therefore, to enhance the avant-garde the regular army and the irregular Cossack troops from the interior of Russia were sent to the border. The second point is that Spinoza does not divorce knowing from willing.

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Inwhen tsarist authorities strained strength to fight the national liberation movement of the Kazakh people, the Minister of War ordered the commander of the Orenburg Corps General Obruchev to build the fortifications in the depths of the wilderness, near the centers of uprisings and in the garrisons and mobile units, made up of the Cossacks, not to include regular units.