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The arrival of new student Stefan Salvatore, makes Elena think about romantic possibilities. Tanner who tries to persuade Stefan to join the school's football team.

Damon put Devnichi vampira online dating in a coffin and had Tyler hide her in a warehouse devnichi vampira online dating Brooklyn for the next 60 years or so while he waits to reunite with her. Bonnie has lost and regained her ability to do magic multiple times throughout the show.

Paul Wesley as Stefan Salvatore[11] a good-hearted and affectionate vampire and the complete opposite of his older brother, Damon Salvatore.

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Ewell left the show after the first season but has appeared as a guest in multiple seasons since. The data in this record is provided by Public Interest Registry for informational purposes only, and Public Interest Registry does not guarantee its accuracy.

Description As Mystic Falls prepares for a festival to celebrate the passing of a comet, Vicki is in the hospital recovering from the attack she can barely remember.

Series overview[ edit ] The series is set in the fictional town of Mystic Falls, Virginiaa town charged with supernatural history since its settlement of migrants from New England in the late 19th century.

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Interest Registry WHOIS information is provided to assist persons in determining the contents of a domain name registration record in the Public Interest Registry registry database. Jo becomes pregnant and they plan to marry, but she is murdered by Kai at their wedding.

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Bonnie discusses the incident with her grandmother and learns more about her family's past as voodoo witches. But only Elena knows that Damon's mind-wipe powers did something to her brother.

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Jeremy continues to struggle at school and with his feelings for Vicki. Meanwhile, the school decides to hold a car wash to raise funds after the death of Mr.

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She is often able to use her magic to help the group, and while simisle online dating initially hates vampires, particularly Damon, she ends up warming up to them and becomes Damon's best friend after being stuck in a prison world with him for four months.

She is turned into a vampire by Damon and is killed by Stefan shortly after.

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Davis left the show at the end of season three after Alaric was killed. He leaves town numerous times during the show, and has only come back once since his exit mid-season 6, to say goodbye to Elena.

Damon crashes the dinner with Caroline whom he has now been feeding off in order to further… Description Elena asks a reluctant Stefan to go with her to the annual Founder's Park dance. Canning left the show after season two when Jenna was killed after being turned into a vampire and used for Klaus' ritual.

Both brothers protect Elena as they face various villains and threats to their town, including Katherine. His uncle Mason was also a werewolf, who was killed by Damon in season two.

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He was Damon Salvatore's cellmate back in the s when the latter was captured by the Augustines. Despite Elena's efforts, Bonnie and Caroline argue over the medallion when Damon continues to pressure … Description After reading a journal kept by a Gilbert ancestor, Jeremy begins to sketch again, a hobby he quit when his parents died.

Meanwhile, Bonnie continues to have terrifying dreams involving the ghost of her great-grandmother Emily Bennett who is trying to send her a message. Elena tries to convince Jeremy to stay away from Vicki, but Jeremy naturally refuses to listen.

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But later, Elena hears a shocking story about Stefan and Damon from a stranger who recognizes Stefan… from a vampire attack that happened … Description Elena demands that Stefan explain the frightening events that have been happening in Mystic Falls.

John seasons 6—8; recurring season 5a vampire formerly under the imprisonment of the Augustine society. Jeremy takes a liking to his new teacher and introduces him to Jenna. Matt Davis as Alaric Saltzman seasons 1—3, 6—8; recurring season 4—5[19] a history teacher, vampire hunter, and love interest for Jenna.

Description As Halloween draws near, Vicki's behavior becomes more dangerous which leads Stefan to try to help her control her blood-lust. He was resurrected in the season finale, and later becomes Bonnie's love interest before coming under the control of the monster in the vault at the end of season 7.

Elena is unaware about Stefan's mysterious origins as well as his brother Damon.

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He was turned into the first successful hybrid by Klaus. Public Interest Registry reserves the right to modify these terms at any time. He leaves town at the end of season 6, though he appears in a couple episodes of season 7, protecting Elena's coffin. Description In the small town of Mystic Falls, teenager Elena Gilbert and her younger brother, Jeremy, struggle to come to terms with the recent death of their parents.

Michael Trevino as Tyler Lockwood seasons 1—6; recurring seasons 7—8[18] a werewolf later turned into a hybrid, Jeremy and Matt's best friend, and son of the mayor of Mystic Falls; male members of his family have been shown to carry a lycanthropic trait.

In the episode "Man on Fire," Enzo shut off his humanity and then Stefan Salvatore ripped out his heart. However, Stefan's super-skills of catching a football impresses Mr. Meanwhile, Caroline gives Bonnie a necklace she took from Damon to wear with her Halloween costume for the annual costume party, and when Damon tries to take it back, he is surprised by Bonnie's abilities to repel him.

During season 3, Klaus began to develop feelings for Caroline and falls in love with her. He and Damon revived their friendship as he searched for his lost lover, Maggie.