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Diamond no Ace Act 2 Chapter 57

Tanba asks the cleanup batters to help him get ready for the next game in simulation practices as Seido's preparations start to go to work. Most of the team believes it will be Eijun getting subbed out. This episode covers chapters through Seidou has no "true" ace, and the ace number is the ultimate goal for Tanba, Furuya, Sawamura, and Kawakami; as they are the four first-string pitchers, and the ultimate premise of the series.

But Not Too Foreign: Miyuki brings in Sawamura to play in the ninth inning. Tanba's presence in the bullpen pressures Akikawa while Sawamura impress the audience, Chris and Kataoka with his pitching.

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Furuya gets on base, Eijun moves him to second, and Kuramochi gets on bringing Ryosuke to bat. Sawamura's first opponent ends up being none other than the subbing in Chris.

Furuya and Sawamura get used to the fielding, but Kawakami appears to be struggling. Sawamura is determined to prove he can be the ace though, so Coach Kataoka diamond no ace capitulo 57 online dating him a special challenge, saying until he can complete this challenge, he can't play in a baseball game for Seidou.

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Combined with his fastball and his curve ball Seido seems to have a new found sense of confidence. This episode covers chapters 54 to But so far I really like the slow pace of the story progression and the detailed character back-stories and will rate my enjoyment 8 out of The OPs are great and the EDs dont disappoint either.

Furuya's mind is not always where it should to.

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Finally Sawamura unleashes his 4-seam fastball to the inside and gets Raichi to pop out. However Eijun wants to thank Chris personally by delivering his best pitch to him in a game. Kuramochi makes it to first base, ushering Haruichi to third.

Sawamura, however, has to fight for it. As the two teams appear to become even, we reach the sixth inning.

Ace of Diamond

As Tanba comes to bat however, Shuuhoku's pitcher loses control of one pitch and forces an emergency cancellation of the game and leads to something that could ruin Seido's season. The only problem- Shirasu bats ninth.

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When Raizou says there are no other pitchers that Raichi needs to worry about until they face Narumiya Mei, it gets Sawamura and Furuya's blood boiling. As inning 5 approaches, Manaka demands to return to the mound so his team can move on to the quarterfinals.

Is Sawamura's day over? As the game begins, Furuya once again pitches full out. After being retired in the top of the first, Seido manages to score 3 in the top of the second.

Sawamura is told to get better with his control and also told he'll debut when the time is right. The soundtracks and music are amazing. Ryousuke is this to Haruichi.

This episode covers from the second half of chapter through the first half of However Miyuki realizes Furuya's body isn't used to Tokyo's heat after coming down from Hokkaido and limits him to 10 pitches.

Unknown to everyone, the Coach arranges three practice games for the weekend to see how everyone will do at maximum fatigue.

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Until Sawamura passes all his exams, he will be ineligible to play in a game. Little does he know that a rematch with Sawamura is on the horizon, and Azuma comes to realize that this version of Seidou could be the strongest in the history of the school.

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Miyuki makes a dramatic save, keeping the one-run lead for Seido. This episode covers chapters 69 to Miyuki tells the freshmen pitchers not to get too fired up, reminding them to simply focus on their pitcher relay strategy. Chris, who is half-American.


Sawamura wonders if he will be able to pitch. After walking the bases loaded with no outs, Coach Kataoka signals for a change. This episode covers chapter and the second half of As game day arrives the entire Seido team stares down Yakushi, mostly focusing their stares on Raichi Todoroki.

With Furuya throwing with more control and speed than ever, Inashiro realizes they will have to change something up to be successful. A more natural translation would be "Ace of the Diamond", which is used for the Crunchyroll simulcast and the Kodansha Comics translation of the manga.

As Day 5 hits Sawamura and Furuya are sent into the bullpen to pitch and told they will pitch both batting practice and in the bullpen on Day 6 to get ready for their game on Day 7.

In the top half of the ninth Seido manages to score two runs, going up