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This track really sounds like some rock piece of the '70s. And a handful of nudes. It's as if IBDM were not confident they could pull it out anyways if they were to loosen a bit their too?

To help get to the product. I mean, I like cream eyeshadow, because I can apply it with my finger tips, which find girlfriend in australia much better for me than with brushes.

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One might wish or fancy that death was as serene a thing as this track seems to suggest it is Heavy pounding beat, dolce flirt kenton bacio perugina still with that martial tone, bringing forward a sense of menace, if not inescapable doom.

In everyday life and work life you might want to use it as an eyeliner or as a highlighting accent in your eye corners. The crescendo at the end is quite dramatic, offering an Italian finale that's quite post-Romantic in flavor.

I'm pointing that out to emphasize the fact that even if there are six songs on the album, some with extensive lyrics, the music always takes the lion's share. To be a masterpiece, the vocals would have needed someone with a better voice throughout ; and the production would have gotten rid of some muffled tones ; and the music would have benefited from a more rigorous structure that would have led the tracks to a definite "breaking point", instead of backtracking without reaching any significant musical "level" within most of the pieces, whether songs or instrumentals.

Well, is there any khaki there?

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The album is divided into 12 pieces about 56 min total timehalf of them being instrumental and amounting to almost 25 min. To support this new release, four new lip liner shades came along.

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It just comes out intuitively right then. Morelli flute, piccolo and D. This is a very rare and very festive kind of shade that is pretty much universally becoming.

Bacio-Perugina- ravas

Also, since every piece is meshed seamlessly into the next one if there's a gap, it's so minute that it's hardly noticeablethe album sounds more like a unique 56 min long track.

Their Dolce lipstick range only had reds in it before. Now, don't let me be misunderstood, as the song goes, this album is good and worthy of any Prog collection, but its merits do not excede that of a good RPI album.

Please, see all the eye shades swatched here. The narration is a bit nasal, but without much theatrics, or declamatory tones, except towards the end. Well, now there are all those pinks. The singer is much more high-pitched on this one he will be harsher, raspier later on.

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But the accelerating impression is somewhat muffled by the organ lead. There is an overall mood, nurtured by a slow but articulate folk beat, that brings to mind Magna Carta's "Lord Of The Ages". The same thing kind of happened here that happened to me in case of Bacio blush, this cream eyeshadow shade was prepitched to us as khaki.

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Why is this the most interesting part? Camel mixed-up with some Jethro Tull from the "Benefit"-era. The singer is at his best here. Conclusione della Discesa agl'Inferi d'un Giovane Amante", with three runner-ups following close behind.

Conclusione della Discesa agl'Inferi d'un Giovane Amante" 1: Dolce lipstick has such a strong powdery old fashioned makeupey scent to it, I feel it even when swatching it on my arm. It's a slow crescendo that takes its time to build up, the sax providing the incentive to go on, but to no avail, because the tempo decreases before having reached the end of the ramp.

Perugia Family Activities: A Perugina Chocolate Factory Tour

My understanding of Italian being quite limited to say the least, I can only suggest that the title of the album could be translated as "A Young Lover's Descent Into Hell" but then, I wouldn't bet that this translation is foolproof.

But there's no frenzy here, it's rather mid-tempo accelerating in the latter part of the song with a light touch of drama before vocals pitch in. That said, as the liner notes and the booklet are written solely in Italian, it would be most risky on my part to even hint at the translation of the lyrics and titles of the pieces.

Brozzetti electric guitarF. It kicks in, but mildly, the organ beginning its swirling while drums follow staccato. The shades are mostly pinks and some nudes. Boy, what a nice shade though. Influences work their way through in quite mysterious fashions! Which is something that will come up in other pieces, as if IBDM couldn't let go for once and reach for the stars why would descending into hell preclude aiming for the highest achievable goal, whatever that goal may be?

Caprai bassD.


So, whatever the story or whether you understand Italian or not, this album focuses mainly on the music. Which is good news by any standards. Petrini drums, organ, keys, piano, vibraphone, percussionE.