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Reinhardt began playing baseball at age four and continued playing while studying at Santa Margarita Catholic High School. InDoug launched two new technology companies: Born from necessity, the RKS workout was developed when Doug was recovering from an injury to his knee and had limited time to exercise due to his busy schedule as a cast member on the MTV reality series, "The Hills".

Doug returned to Los Angeles to finish his studies. Doug and Co-Creator and Certified Kettlebell Instructor Owen Evans have created a new full-body workout that increases one's strength, endurance, flexibility and cardiovascular condition, all while simultaneously melting away unwanted body fat.

Doug was so impressed by his own results that he decided to collaborate with Owen to create a quick, effective workout that everyone could use.

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To summarise, all the above mentioned engagements have added sums to the total size of Reinhardt net worth. After the divorce of their parents, clasificacion de mercado en economia yahoo dating mother married Duane Roberts, the inventor of the frozen burrito and owner of the Mission Inn, a historic hotel in Riverside, California.

Doug is committed to serving the community and sits on the Board of Directors of the Eric Trump Foundation, which is dedicated to improving the lives of children battling life-threatening or debilitating medical conditions. How much is the net worth of Doug Reinhardt?

How much is Doug Reinhardt Worth?

Reinhardt enrolled at Pepperdine University as a student and was accepted into Pepperdine Law School before being given the opportunity to play baseball. Doug began training privately with Owen using kettlebells and quickly realized that although he had been exposed to some of the best athletic trainers in the world when he was a professional baseball player, kettlebell workouts were the most effective at increasing his overall fitness and helping him achieve his optimal physique.

In the first week he met Lauren Conradwith whom he grew up in Laguna Beach. InReinhardt signed with the Baltimore Orioles, but a knee injury saw him out of baseball the following season.

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Doug's childhood planted the seed for this current career in fitness and athletics. He has been active since Doug decided to use his injuries as an opportunity to re-focus on his academic career by enrolling at Pepperdine University.

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Finally, in the personal life of Doug Reinhardt, he started dating Paris Hilton at the beginning ofand the couple split up in the middle of only to be reunited again after a couple of months.

In his spare time he enjoys being active by skiing, golfing and mountain biking. InDoug became engaged to Allie Lutz.

Who is Doug Reinhardt dating right now?

However, he did not have many fans, so he was withdrawn from the cast. He declined a baseball scholarship with the University of Southern California to sign with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, being selected in the 10th round th overall.

Powered by imdb Reinhardt Kettlebell System RKS Co-Creator and Spokesperson Doug Reinhardt is an accomplished professional athlete and entrepreneur who is passionate about helping others stay healthy and fit, in a timely and effective manner. During his three years of playing professional baseball, Doug had the misfortune of suffering multiple knee injuries, often requiring surgery.

At the same time, he continued to pursue his professional baseball career as well, signing with the Baltimore Orioles for the Season.

Doug Reinhardt

In the spring ofthe two have parted their ways again because Paris thought Doug was using her only to continue her career. Doug gained experience in multi-family real estate in working with Entrepreneurial Properties Corporation.

He began playing organized baseball at the age of four, by the time he reached high school his passion, matched with his diligence and ability, gained the attention of both college and professional scouts.