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National Student Assembly Speech Dr. He shares his experiences of growing up in the ghetto and his solutions to help the poorest communities break out of the cycle of crime, poverty and drugs.

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Rameck Hunt and Dr. Winfrey also delivered the highest honor naming Dr. Davis is in huge demand as a writer, guest and keynote speaker. Overall, the most important step I take in preparation is during the talk itself. He lived in an area of high crime and poverty, surrounded by drug use and gangs.


They formed a tight-knit group, studying together throughout high school and later attended college together. Davis uses his specialties to talk on the future of medical care in the USA and the ways in which society can and must bridge the gap between the quality of medical care available to the rich and poor.

He chose to come back to his hometown and make a difference. Davis is in the house, I guarantee you, it won't be a painful experience. He took on a responsibility that of a big brother, father, leader and a role model. But once again, Dr. In February Dr. Many people are looking to manage their personal health better.

Davis was fantastic to work with for this event! He was the fifth of six children, and after graduating from University High, a magnet school in Newark, he went on to attend Seton Hall University.

Growing up in the once dangerous city in Newark, N. Everyone needs inspiration and motivation and I take great pride in delivering that type of message.

Each audience is different and I focus on what is dr sampson davis dating to the listeners, whether it is a college student or business professional.

One of the greatest joys in life is paying it forward. Davis was honored in with the Essence Lifetime Achievement Award and also named one of their forty most inspirational African Americans in the country. I use stats and case studies to drive home a point; whether it is a high school drop out rate of 1.

I encourage my audiences to find like-minded individuals to formulate a network similar to what my two friends and I did when we made our pact [to become doctors]. I also experience a strong connection with community, professional, educational, health, business, pharmaceutical, and social-related organizations.

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Davis spends his time practicing medicine and traveling the country delivering keynote speeches with timely messages. He chose to be the face of the "good doctor," a face few young black boys may not see or feel they themselves can become.

During my travels, I listen to music and review my notes in preparation for an event. Sampson Davis ON Speaking I encourage my audiences to find like-minded individuals to formulate a network similar to what my two friends and I did when we made our pact [to become doctors]. It is often said that black men run from responsibility to themselves, and their families.

She has elegance, poise and is so approachable. Together, they vowed to drastically alter the course of one another's lives. They all achieved their dream, and Dr. Language Spoken by Dr.

Oprah Winfrey named Dr. I believe in connecting and being relatable to the audience.

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What kind of special prep work do you do prior to an event? I had one parent approach me during a talk and told me her 8-year-old son reminded her every day that I would be appearing at a venue on a certain date.

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Let the haters hate while you believe in you and your mission. Things were not easy for Davis growing up. How do you prepare for your speaking engagements? I am a flawed human like everyone else, and once I share that aspect, the audience knows that I am real.

Medicinae Doctor, meaning "Teacher of Medicine", is a terminal degree for physicians and surgeons. Today, Davis is the attending emergency room physician at Beth Israel Medical Center in Newark, the same hospital where he was born. He is also a co-founder of the Three Doctors Foundation, which brings health education and mentoring to inner-city youth.

Dr. Sampson Davis

Davis is a board certified Emergency Medicine Physician. I lose myself in the moment and allow myself to become one with the audience.

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This non-profit organization offers a series of free public programs focused upon health, education, leadership and mentoring.

You may have seen him on Dr. His willingness to discuss presentation topics and talking points in advance was great!

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Educators have expressed appreciation to me for writing a book that students are excited to read. Davis believes it is important to give education a sense of style and fashion. Davis and his two friends have now created the Three Doctors Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to free public programs in the realms of health, education, leadership and mentoring.

A face must be present, a concrete image that all individuals across America can draw inspiration from. Davis, Hunt and Jenkins are known as the Three Doctors, and they have written a book about their experiences, The Pact: In addition to discussing Dr.

When I tell you I was in awe, in awe It was that pivotal moment that forever changed his life.

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I have also taken part in countless annual gala experiences. I want to help audiences prevent naysayers from entering their space.

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Davis along with his best friends felt the burning need to give back to communities in need, and together created The Three Doctors Foundation.

After a speech, many students reach out to me via social media to ask for advice on school, as well as their career and life paths.


Davis draws on his own incredible story of rising from the poverty of Newark to become one of America's most highly regarded physicians and black role models to inspire and motivate his audience. Davis and his partners made the room light up.

A grandmother once told me that right next to the Bible on her nightstand was a copy of my book, The Pact.