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He finds the severely injured Shin and heals him. Unlike the Instant Transmission technique, the user does not need to focus on a specific energy signature to use as a target.

Healing — The ability to heal another being's wounds and restore them to somewhat full strength. Vegeta orders Nappa to disengage from the battle, since he is only disgracing the Saiyan name. Together, they find Gohan and bring him to the Sacred World of the Kai much to his initial disapproval.

He descends to tell Vegeta that they will change locations, and the two of them fly off.

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Or when Dabura could have just machine-gun spit all the way against Majin Buu would've helped more than fight. Kibito attempting to pick up the Z Sword after mocking Gohan Near Babidi's spaceshipKibito is killed by Dabura after he ambushes the group, but is later brought back with the Dragon Balls after Bulma gathers them to all to wish back all the good people who had been killed that day.

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Shortly after, after returning to his own planet, Kibito accidentally and permanently fuses with the Shin to create Kibito Kai. On the way he explains to Gohan and Videl about Babidi and his plans to resurrect an evil monster named Majin Buu. After Shin takes Gohan to the Z SwordKibito voices his doubts that there is no way a mortal could ever free the sword but is soon proven wrong.

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Vegeta kills Nappa with a Ki wave of his own, shocking the remaining Z Fighters with his power. Contents [ show ] Appearance Kibito is a tall, blue-skinned Core Person pink-skinned in the anime. Goku is able to turn it away using only his ki energy.

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Despite this, he remains true to his duties and is willing to admit when proven wrong about an individual's abilities. Budokai Tenkaichi 3Shin transforms into Kibito Kai by powering up. And after that, teleported his ass back to the Kai world when everyone needed some healing.

When Champa is explaining about Magetta and his race and their abilities, it is noted that Magetta's race exists in Universe 7, and that none of the Universe 7 Kais knew about this, and then Old Kai yelled at Kibito for not knowing this and that he should catch up with his studies.

Nappa comes off the hit easily, and launches a Ki beam at Goku. Because Kibito Kai was somehow stupid. XD Sorry if that came off as rude.

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Used in Dragon Ball Heroes. Goku flies after him, but sees he will not stop Nappa in time, and consequently is forced to use the Kaio-ken.

Budokai Tenkaichi 2 and Dragon Ball Z: Dragon Ball Z Main articles: Like when they see the enemy down, they don't blast them and give themselves a pat on the back and get extremely uber shocked when they stand back up again.

He tells them to go to the Kame House. He flies at them with aspirations to kill them.

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Some time what goes on during the fights are stupid. Nappa raises his hand for another, but Goku zips up to where he is and pummels him toward the ground, in vengeance for Piccolo.

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When the Zeno made his presence, after the Gods of Destruction came to bow to him, Kibito along with the other Supreme Kais immediately came down to the arena to kneel before the Omni-King. Universe 6 Saga Kibito with the rest of the Supreme Kais In the anime, sometime after the battle with Golden FriezaKibito Kai goes to Namek to request to use their Dragon Balls so they could defuse into Shin and Kibito because he thinks it feels weird.

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After Gohan has his powers unlocked by Old KaiKibito teleports himself and Gohan back to Earth where he makes Gohan an outfit just like his fathers, at Gohan's request.

It is said that he studies a great amount about Universe 7, yet he isn't informed about all the races in Universe 7, as he did not know about the Metalmen in his universe.

He then heads back home with Shin.