10 Best free alternatives to DU Meter 10 Best free alternatives to DU Meter

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The traffic volume is also customizable, thus you can choose the desired size and type monthly or weekly volume, or monthly pack and these parameters will be taken into consideration when drawing the specific chart.

10 Best free alternatives to DU Meter 2018

Pros Warns you about impending problems with your connection Logs all the traffic that goes through your network Cons Cannot prevent or block attacks to your dneniki vampira online dating Works best for Windows Vista Without the user guide data it can be hard to understand.

The program is unusually smart. Is it a one-time order or recurring fee? Very easy to use and with a user friendly interface, this program will prove its worth after a bit of tinkering.

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You can also send us a check or cash. In addition to those upgrades, DU Meter now makes use of a real database engine that gives more detailed and accurate alerts related to suspicious network activity. Accurately track your network and internet traffic with this flexible monitor DU Meter is a powerful and highly configurable network monitor that helps you keep a very close eye on how your network and internet traffic is being used.

You can either order online or call us if you don't want to use your credit card online. Whether you need a basic network monitor or to prevent unexpected internet outages, DU Meter can fix many of these problems.

Other ways to buy a DU Meter license

The software itself is quite simple, but it gives you an effective solution that presents you with charts and graphs to show statistics that relate to your internet connection.

When you use a DU Meter, you can anticipate the unexpected; in fact, you will even be sent alerts if dangerous or suspicious activity on your network takes place.

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You can change colors, font styles, borders and sizes as needed. The DU Meter costs nothing as a utility, and it includes a flexible events system, an extensive logging facility, and it works with almost every type of network connection. For more information, please visit the DU Meter upgrade web page.

What's in this list?

You are entitled to free technical support and free minor version upgrades. If you don't want to watch your bandwidth all the time, then you can just have DU Meter warn you when your total monthly traffic exceeds a particular figure.

It's possible to perform some action as a result of these alerts, too, for example stopping all network traffic once a particular limit has been reached.

Whenever traffic exceeds the threshold or the connection slows down, you will be sent an alert. For business customers If you would like to buy multiple copies of DU Meter for your business, just click on Buy One License above and select the required number of copies.

What about site licenses for business? With the stopwatch feature, you can even measure the traffic set over a period of time.


All purchases made in our web store are backed by a day money-back guarantee. If you don't have a credit card, and would like to pay by check, money order or cash, please visit our mail order web page.

DU Meter is an excellent network monitor, there's no doubt, but all the free competition does leave it looking a little expensive.

Please note that the Family Pack license is not valid for business use. Before getting any accurate results, you have to configure some parameters and first of all it's the connection type and speed that should be specified.

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What if I don't have a credit card? The task bar blends with and has a simple but elegant look.

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Luckily, DU Meter is not resource intensive, and it is a better alternative to some of the other bandwidth fiends that rob you of your internet speeds. We accept and other credit and debit cards Frequently Asked Questions How long will it take?

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You can view upload, download and total values for transferred data, maximum rate, connection time and estimated amount. Other ways to buy a DU Meter license If for some reason you have trouble using our main web store, you can also buy a DU Meter license in our alternate store.

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Windows Vista in particular works especially well with DU Meter, and it is more accessible because of a sidebar gadget that, unfortunately, DU Meter does not support with the other versions of Windows.

Volume discounts will apply automatically. For those interested in more details, charts and in-depth statistics, having a specialized software is a must. Similar to the mechanics of an engine tune-up, the software readjusts your system settings until you have reached every kilobit per second.

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