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Dodgers is shocked to learn that X-2 doesn't even consider him as his archenemy, as he isn't even on his 10 top list. His Jerkass moments mostly seem to stem from his tendency to get carried away by his base desires, or forgetting that he's not the only actual person in the universe.

When Dodgers and the Cadet are being chased by the Monster of the Week: Dodgers spends the whole episode trying to upstage Dr.

Also, a Martian rabbit Marvin was hunting stated he now knew "why Bugs Bunny turned this cameo down". In the episode "The Fudd", a news anchor reporting on the Fudd apocalypse is transformed mid-sentence.

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However, while the series had more than two seasons, Marvin never gained a third solo cartoon. Or at least l-l-located? You don't even watch this show, do you? Seconds later, he doesn't remember any such ability. Averted in "Deconstructing Dodgers", where incidents from previous episodes are clearly alluded to, but the events shown are actually "outtakes" from the mentioned episodes How many lives must that accursed film claim?

There's a lot of things you don't know about — laser whats from my where?! Dodgers has to stand trial in the very first episode. The Centurions robots have one eye like the Zakus.

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All of which led to the unusual situation of the main character filling the role of both The Hero and The Millstoneas nearly half the situations to be resolved were directly Dodgers' fault to begin with. However, when multiple Martian commanders of the 'tall' type are seen, they do all, in fact, look alike.

Carrying on from the original cartoon, this is the Eager Young Space Cadet's duty. The show has many cute adorable little kittens. Deface of the Moon: Ah, another delusional fan trying to emulate the famous trench scene. Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking: The series aired on Cartoon Network.

Even Star Johnson is freaked out.

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The series finale revealed that Queen Tyrah'nee was a former Miss Mars. Unfortunately for Dodgers, they all hate his guts. A Day in the Limelight: While Dodgers does care about the Cadet, he doesn't treat him well for the most part. In one episode, after X-2 engages in some exposition, the Centurions ask who he's talking to.

However, he's also lost a good number of IQ points. D-don't you want y-your soul enriched?

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Manobrain assures him that he can wipe their memories the second they leave Dodger's brain. Hi twice in "Lame Duck Mind". According to "Talent Show A Go Go", Dodgers carries exploding brownies and cheese danishes in his pockets at all times.

His dad apparently used to dangle him off balconies for the sake of publicity. In the end, it pays off as later in the series, as X-2 does acknowledge Dodgers as his arch-nemesis.

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Dodgers is one of a number of Protectorate Captains, though. Beware the Nice Ones: Seasons one and two both feature a solo cartoon modeled after the classic Looney Tune shorts starring X-2 and K Bounty Hunter Rona Vipra hate to be reminded of being a former wrestler.

I didn't know you could shoot laser beams from your eyes. The episode "Where's Baby Smartypants?

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Duck Dodgers, being the main leader. When X-2 says the audience is watching them, the Centurions think he's crazy and mock him. Dodgers may be the king of this trope, but it only starts there. It gets weirder in the final clip of the show, where Dodgers and Cadet meet their very own real-life voice actors.

He gets through anyway by bribing the guards.

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Dodgers actually stands in for him and does quite well Implied with X-2 in a couple of episodes, bizarrely. This appears to be the source of his fear of heights. In one episode we get to see inside his mind and he still makes no more sense than before. Duck Dodgers also had several cameos by established Looney Tunes stars with appropriate science-fiction trappings Wile E.

Conspicuous or not, the space dogfights are actually pretty impressive uses of CG. Let me tell you of a consort's throne left vacant, a bridal chamber left barren, and a reception hall left filled with them big shrimp. A father is worth one hundred schoolmasters.