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The adverb 'gratuitously' is used to modify a verb, anadjective, or another adverb as without good reason; unjustifiably;or as free of charge. I had two pairs of gloves.

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GRATUITOUS's Sentences and Contexts

Sulina easyflirt gratuitous in a sentence being a collection of mud hovels has developed into a town with inhabitants; a well-found hospital has been established where all merchant sailors receive gratuitous treatment; lighthouses, quays, floating elevators and an efficient pilot service all combine to make it a first-class port.

It can also man done free of charge. Gratuitous instruction of a very high order is afforded by the Board of Trade to upwards of pupils.

Compulsory and gratuitous schooling for the Protestants had been enforced in Livonia sinceand in Courland since Again, there are some gratuitous and unredeemed vulgarities; some images that make us shudder. Synonyms for the adjective 'gratuitous' as a word that describes anoun as done or provided freely with nothing expected in return,are: That actor's movies are known for gratuitously violent content.

Can you use 'me' in a sentence at the beginning of a sentence? A year later this person still has not claimed his car and it is evident it is leaking gasoline and endangering your garage.

Use gratuitous in a sentence | gratuitous sentence examples

One was the major smooch when the two reunite on the Contessa; the other comes at the very end, a marriage proposal overshadowed by the whir of a hospital floor waxer. Of course, if you are Tarzan, you might easyflirt gratuitous in a sentence, "Me Tarzan. Gratuitous advice isnot always welcome.

Read More Window cleaners have an accident A terrifying ordeal for two window cleaners in China, as the platform they were working on began swinging violently and smashing into the building. What is the meaninig of gratuitous?

More thaninnocent people were, slaughtered in this gratuitous genocide.

Window cleaners have an accident

Thus in presence of the problem which is the crux of materialism, the origin of consciousness, he first propounds a gratuitous hypothesis that everything has mind, and then gives up the origin of conscious mind after all. Two hundred years after the Battle of Waterloo The hat which French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte wore during the Battle of Waterloo is on its way back to the battlefield which saw his demise.

Yes, as long as it retains its object function: It was this which made him add to his labours the burden of delivering every year from to a course of gratuitous lectures on astronomy for a popular audience. The incident, which took place outside the 91st floor of the Shanghai World Financial Centre, lasted for 15 minutes with their cradle slamming into a wall at one point, sending glass flying into the building and down to the ground.

He had twice sworn, with gratuitous solemnity, to maintain the new constitution; but he was hardly out of Naples before he repudiated his oaths and, in letters addressed to all the sovereigns of Europe, declared his acts to have been null and void.

The first-fruits of this new resolve were a quite gratuitous attack on his old friend, the distinguished humanist and jurist Ulrich Zasiusfor a doctrine proclaimed ten years before, and a simultaneous assault on Erasmus's Annotationes in Novum Testamentum.

His theory with regard to the confusion of names is a gratuitous assumption and cannot be proved. Any one can obtain a gratuitous permit to clear and cultivate such lands; the laws governing ordinary agricultural lands then apply to them.

There are graphic scenes of sex and seduction, which is not gratuitous, but depicts Frank's fantasy and unrealistic love for Miranda.

Sentences Containing 'gratuitous'

Gratuitous, in modern usage, often means 'unnecessary' although in the dictionary definition it probably means 'free. It cannot function as the subject of a sentence. Very soon, the gratuitous, the hatred, the love that had. It was understood from the beginning that my services would be gratuitous.

Lydgate had often been satirical on this gratuitous prediction, and he meant now to be guarded. The gratuitous outrage appalled her. What a festival everywhere! Search Sentences Containing 'gratuitous' To no class of persons is the presentation of a gratuitous opera box more acceptable than to the wealthy millionaire, who still hugs economy while boasting of carrying a king's ransom in his waistcoat pocket.

He uses gratuitous insults to cover his ignorance,which actually tends to highlight it. When a bill of exchange is not payable at sight or on demand, certain days called days of grace, from being originally a gratuitous favour are added to the time of payment as fixed by the bill, and the bill is then due and payable on the last day of grace.

Unfortunately we have no example sentences for this word yet. Contemptuous of the opinion of his fellows, he hid his virtues, paraded his faults, affected some failings from which he was really exempt, and, since his munificent charity could not be concealed from the recipients, laboured to spoil it by gratuitous surliness.

Many peasants took the " gratuitous allotments," whose amount was about one-eighth of the normal allotments. Art in Island, a museum in Manila, created by a group of Korean artists, features over a hundred unique three dimensional paintings that encourage people to pose in front of them.

Man's utter incapacity to do anything to please God, and his utter personal dependence on God's grace seemed to render the whole system of the Church well-nigh gratuitous even if it were purged of all the " sophistry " which to Luther seemed to bury out of sight all that was essential in religion.

Gratifying, but needlessly gratuitous.

Examples of gratuitous in a Sentence

In his speculations as to the physical cause of the celestial motions, his mind, though not wholly emancipated from the tyranny of gratuitous assumptions, was working steadily towards the light. A gratuitous bailment can be terminated by the bailor even when there is no recourse for the bailee to store his property elsewhere if the goods in storage can present an emerging evident hazard due to developments over time aging, rotting, compressing or changing into other compounds, etc or the bailor has use for the space that is non-gratuitous and presents reasonable time for the bailee to find another place for the bailment property this includes giving due notice of such intent to proceed.

It contains the distinct proposal that the transport of letters should be wholly gratuitous - the precursor of subsequent reform - and the prophecy that, under given circumstances, "the Americans would raise cheaper corn than has ever been raised.

They were gratuitous and popular, and in them he boldly advanced the whole of his doctrine, as well as the direct and immediate pretensions of himself and his system. Avoid gratuitous foreign travel then and be more patient with the beloved. Each artwork is created in such a way that when There should be only gratuitous and not anguish towards Old Master Long.

Once a week, Doctor Goode provides gratuitous services at the free clinic. It is an ingenious but gratuitous invention in criticism. Can you put the word gratuitous in a sentence? Ordinarily, no reply packet will occur.

One day's gratuitous labour out of seven or more can be demanded of labourers either on private or on government estates; but in this form of labour was for the most part abolished as far as government estates were concerned, each labourer so exempted paying one guilder per year.

Etienne Choron, a famous teacher of singing, was so impressed with the talents of the two sisters that he undertook to give them gratuitous instruction, and after his death in they were received into the Conservatoire.

His powers of organization were strongly exhibited in the Pastors' College, the Orphanage at Stockwellthe Tabernacle Almshouses, the Colportage Association for selling religious books, and the gratuitous book fund which grew up under his care.

Club" gave the episode a B.

Gratuitous in a sentence

The jury found the man's crime to be gratuitous. Me, myself and I are going to enjoy a giant pizza tonight. Venezuela, it is true, has a comprehensive public instruction law, and attendance at the public schools is both gratuitous and nominally compulsory. You can then provide him due notice something that can be used as evidence in Court -like registered mail stating that his car is a danger to your property and you are removing it to the junk yard as abandoned property unless he claims it within the next 10 days.