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Some applications may show text on the root image, e.

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How to start applications on a page or desk other than the current? Unless fvwm is told explicitly to ignore this, the program specified position overrides the StartsOnPage style. This command displays the first 4 desktops: When you run FvwmConsole you get a shell like window where you can type ejecutable significado literal yahoo dating commands that are sent to fvwm.

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FvwmButtons does not support keyboard shortcuts itself. Because they are treated as modifiers.

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From the FvwmButtons man page: How can I tell fvwm to use different configurations for the screens? Other things you may want to do: Put this command in your config: For example, if each desktop has a size of 2 by to pages you could bind Meta-F1 to Meta-F4 to flip pages: Also search in fvwm-themes to see whether some theme provides the window decoration look similar to what you want to achieve.

Recompile and reinstall everything and the problem should go away. You can also find more in other distributions at ftp. The length of the timeout is a configuration parameter - try adding ModuleTimeout 10 to your config file. Did you know that you do not need to restart X or fvwm to see what most configuration commands do?

You may see the following error message on the console: IgnoreModifiers Since we all occasionally press NumLock or ScrollLock, it makes sense to redefine some main bindings to work with any modifiers. Desktops are numbered consecutively, beginning with 0.

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The units are in seconds and the default value is 5. The Focus command is very useful in conjunction with the Next and Prev commands. Marc rudov dating will learn the order and use it for the Next and Prev commands.

Firefox can be persuaded to start iconic, however, by invoking it with the -iconic command line flag. Can I still install and run it?

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This is not really an fvwm related question, you should find X applications supporting transparency and read their documentation. Or use EwmhBaseStruts in Fvwm 2.

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EdgeScroll 0 0 in your config turns it off. When you use 8 bit color, your display can only have colors on it at once. Where do I ask questions about fvwm?

A simpler style can be used with the following: This list is used by the Next, Prev and WindowList commands.

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How do I get window titles on sub windows of … e. There is a program shipped with fvwm fvwm-root, previously known as xpmroot that you can use to set the background to an XPM or PNG image.

The good thing is you can access and view your Yahoo! Put the DeiconifyAndRearrange function below in your configuration file: This approach invokes a function on the first key that defines the action of the second key for a short time and then removes it: There are many tools that you can find to decode the messages archive for Yahoo Messenger but most of them are outdated.

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Just add an entry to some menu that starts it: Pressing these keys has no effect then. XKB is enabled by default in X11R6.

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With XFree86 and fvwm version 2. The first is good in one kind of situations, bad in others: There are a lot of other applications supporting transparency not listed here, search in FreshMeat, http: It is not needed if you use RootTransparent or you never intend to move a module inside its parent, or you swallow a module, since FvwmButtons adds ParentalRelativity automatically for swallowed fvwm modules.

When I select an item the file is displayed in the background using xv.

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Older fvwm releases can achieve the same effect with: Joining the fvwm-workers mailing list might prove instructive. The Prev conditions have no parallel for OnTop, Alphabetic and desk sorting.

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It shows each windows name and geometry with some extra flags to indicate Sticky, OnTop and iconified windows. But there are Handle equivalents, hence the correct way to remove decorations from a window would be: Only RootTransparent method works for transparent decorations!

How do I set the background with fvwm? Usually what people want from this, is a means of making a window stay on top for a time, and then putting it back in the layer it was in originally.

Events generated by MouseKeys are completely transparent — they will work with any application that connects to a server that has the X Keyboard Extension, regardless of whether the application itself uses XKB.

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Another method, which should work for older fvwm versions as well, is to specify a separate file for each screen explicitly. There is a wide range of terminal emulators that may be configured to be transparent, like Eterm, aterm, gnome-terminal and others.

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So do not ignore scroll-lock if you have no problem with it. Hitting Alt-Tab will pop up the WindowList menu. Other formats must be converted before they can be used in fvwm.