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I met you last year and did a private session wherein we discussed my career and my book that was waiting patiently to be birthed.

Sacred Sexuality This course offers insights to heal sexual issues rooted in the past and awaken your sensual self, moment-by-moment. I normas religiosas ejemplos yahoo dating still hearing wonderful comments on how inspiring he was in both his sermon and his workshop.

The only difference is whether or not we are conscious participants on our journeys. The melding of Biblical, Course in Miracles and other esoteric material with shamanic processes, meditation, conscious movement and psychodrama created a profoundly Continue Reading A Deeply Inspiring Workshop "The Christ Consciousness intensive is a deeply inspiring workshop.

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You are such a beacon of love and light to this world. We will learn how to translate the Book of Revelation to uncover the predictions for our literal future, as well as how to translate the Revelation to understand our spiritual unfoldment.

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CT scans, X rays, full body ultra sounds and an echocardiogram. You do not have to be in a relationship to explore sexual healing or sacred sexuality.

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Michael teaches others how to apply the Course's Continue Reading A Gateway to God "The Christ Consciousness 5-Day Intensive called me to join with my fellow souls to come together as one in our true self, to experience what this can feel like. It's also one of the prettiest books I've ever Continue Reading A Fountain of Love "There is so much to write, yet there are no words for me, only the imprint on my heart and soul in a feeling, ineffable!

I left with a fountain of love and joy to share with the world. Michael Mirdad's ability to connect pieces of information from many sources and historical times widens our vision and anchors our souls 'purpose.


Once I learned of the workshop, I knew beyond the mind, Continue Reading. Your mind will be opened, your heart released, and your spirit expanded far beyond their ordinary boundaries. We will explore the most important book ever written for understanding the actual process of awakening to the Inner Christ or our Divine Self.

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It covers what really matters in our human experience. Everybody here absolutely loved him! It came on very suddenly and I went through a lot of testing i.

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The Revelation of Our Divine Nature This one-of-a-kind online course offers the deepest studies one can imagine in an online course. It brings the heart and soul back in to the Course — as it was originally intended.

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His message is very consistent with who we are, as Continue Reading A Changed Man "Since I saw Michael in Massachusetts a few months ago and attending his workshops, a lot of growth has transpired.

This course will NOT be just heard but will actually be experienced.