*Nina's Bargain Beauty*: e.l.f Essential Lipsticks Review *Nina's Bargain Beauty*: e.l.f Essential Lipsticks Review

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Especially if you like Lip Swatches! They all have different textures and finishes, and the e.

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I applied all of these straight from the tube, no brushes. Here I show you my tips for getting the most out of this mint exfoliator! Lip swatches of the new shades of the ELF I don't have the usual problems with application and wear that I associate with traditional lipsticks.

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The next leggende horror yahoo dating you use it, it will just be normal lipstick. Its a pretty nuetral shade with pink undertones more pink than fantasy This one has pretty much the same texture and finish as Gypsy, though it's slightly less matte.

It's unfortunate that it has an ethnic slur for a name, because it's my favorite shade and formula of the bunch. Like I said, they are comparable to Revlon Balm Stains, but with inferior packaging.

The mechanism to twist up and down isn't always smooth. The shape of the product is good and they're easy to apply, for a traditional lipstick. This again is highly pigmented and a little goes a long way One of the things I hate most about most lipstick is the constant paranoia that it's going to smear.

This is a beautiful bubblegum pink But this has happened to me several time already. My advice to you is if you are going to use the highly pigmented one your best applying them with a brush.

Elf lipstick

It's pretty, but e.l.f cosmetics lipstick flirtatious meaning too flashy. I think this is why is wearable even for my Irish skin tone Don't forget to hit that Subscribe button to stay up-to-date with my latest content.

Hope you'll like it. Look How beautiful this shade is This is your perfect everyday lipstick You can't tell in the picture, but Sociable is incredible gritty. Okay, first of all: I think of them as lipstick for people, like me, who hate lipstick.

Remember how I don't like lipstick?

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It's hard to describe the color. Yes there are a good few cons but thats only to do with the packaging and the fact that the lipstick is so cream that they break but if you dont mind that well your laughing meaning your are going to be delighted with these Now i know what you are thinking Introducting 2 new shades: It's just a slight citrusy smell that disappears pretty quickly.

Apply to lips and blend in color for total lip saturation.

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Reviewing and swatching on my lips my ELF Both are very pigmented and look pretty in pictures, but that about as far as I can go in giving praise.

They're easier to use and they feel better. Essential Lipstick in Posh Posh: Again, it almost feels like balm: Its matte and glossy not hugely pigmented but enough to give you a pretty pink look Gypsy Gypsy: Ugh, please, can we not?

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Indulge your lips with long lasting color and shine. I got these from Target and CVS In addition, the product is not held up well in the tube, so it can tip when you use it and rub against the edge. Perfect for everyday wear it applies smoothly Essential Lipstick in Gypsy Gypsy: They have no taste.

Here are the photos: This is exactly what i plan to do in the next few days so if you would like me to show you how please comment below: A very easy-to-wear red. The lipstick is so pigmented that you can't see the glitter at all, it just looks like gross chunks of gross.

The pigmentation on these really surprised me and the scent on them are not that bad plus the scent wears off after a while so thats good LA Colors polish in Subscribe to I like the color of Flirtatious, but it was way too soft.

It's not drying, but it can emphasize dryness on your lips by getting caught up in flakes or lines. This post contains affiliate links. And Sociable just felt gross because of the grit.

Elf Essential Lipstick - Flirtatious Review,Swatch

Sometimes I think it's a dark red, or a berry, or a rose - judge for yourself! More info and links below! They're more like a waxy balm in texture than a creamy lipstick. YES it does look cheap and you surely wouldnt get away with saying you paid more for it but the packaging is in fact quite sturdy It's strange, the newer colors seem to have a completely different formula than the older shades I bought in store.

Sure there are Wet n Wild products I don't like, but at least I can be more sure the reason is not just because I got an off product.

From Nature. For Life.

I have to be very careful when applying them as they tend to squish down. ELF Matte Lip Color first impression review - itsjudytime itsjudytime 4 yil oldin Please "thumbs up" if you find this review helpful!

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I guess when selling things for so cheap, quality control isn't as stringent. My overall opinion Overall opinion is that this is the best cheap lipstick i have ever tried in my life Flirtatious, Sociable, Gypsy, Posh, Voodoo at.

Secret Bottom Lip Gloss. This applys beautifully and so smoothly its best applied with a brush to get an even application