Flash Lights & Torch: Buy Torches, Rechargeable Torches Online at Best Prices in India on Snapdeal Flash Lights & Torch: Buy Torches, Rechargeable Torches Online at Best Prices in India on Snapdeal

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New by littleleggies 24 May, Small enough to not take up too much room, but big value!

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It is very important to have a torch at your place to avoid any mishaps in such situations. It is really handy, is left plugged in on the kitchen bench. New by errol 09 Mar, Top critical review Bad product This the second light from flirty girl definition suppliers both are not what is advertised This light will not detect my body unless I am within half a metre from the light I use this product to come on when I get up in the night to go to the toilet my previous light from manufacturer Click worked perfectly and would sence 3 metres away This light is useless even though it is dead copy of the Click brand Verified purchase: Now I don't need to do that anymore.

So, grab you choices at the lowest price range and indulge into an amazing online shopping experience at Paytm Mall! New Best-selling in Night Lights.


I have no qualms recommending this product. These torches either have a plastic body or stainless steel.

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I needed a night light to help me navigate around my bed at night to avoid having to switch on the light, walk around my bed to switch on the bedside lamp, then go back and switch off the light.

At Paytm Mall, we present different kinds of flashlight torches and rechargeable torch lights at the best price in India.

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All products listed here are premium in quality and promises high performance. New by roccov55 20 Jul, Can turn in it's stand is the best feature I wasn't actually looking for a torch, just a night light, but it turned out to be perfect for my needs.

Buy torches online at Paytm Mall and get a high-quality emergency light for your place.

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Also the wall socket I used is near the door so I needed a sensor that can sense at right angle to how it is plugged in. From Long-handle Torch to Spot hand-held Torch, Rechargeable Torch, Pocket Torch, High-beam head torch, Lantern torch, e have all of them available at our portal at the most reasonable price range.

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When my current 'flashier' Bunnings version dies like 4 have I will buy this one again as I had some like this new one and after 3 or 4 years still going strong! Torch helps in navigating safely during times when the power is gone by sliding a single switch.

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Last for years and are very good when the power stops as they light up immediately. Everybody has experienced the situations when your house power supply cuts and you are submerged in complete darkness, there comes the crucial importance of torch that illuminates our surrounding during those dark hours.

Luckily, because of the static recharging, the torch can be turned to face the door and still be connected.

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The only thing that would improve it is if it stayed on just a bit longer.