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After a five month period of inactivity, Emma rebooted the channel as emmablackery vlogs on 7th June The song was originally supposed to be released with her EP, however, it never made the final cut.

Sinceher videos have captured the hearts of many. After this she lived with her boyfriend Luke Cutforth for a while inbut they stopped living together after a while as Luke was working on a film, and they have since broken up. On this channel, Blackery had oversubscribers and used it to play various Sim games as well as popular games like Life Is Strange and even Minecraft.

This channel consists almost solely of music videos. Her fith EP, Magnetised, was released on May 26 By JanuaryBlackery's channel reachedsubscribers.

By JanuaryBlackery's channel had reached 30, subscribers and began to grow at over 1, emma blackberry dating rap 2pac per day. As of JulyBlackery's main channel has over 1, subscribers and her side channel has oversubscribers.

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Her Dad and younger sister feature in her videos on occasion. As well as releasing EPs, Emma also periodically uploads demo songs to her main channel. Personal life Until AprilEmma lived with her father in Essex. However, this channel has now been made inactive and a new side channel called Vloggery has been created.

The channel has since been deleted and Emma has deleted all the videos that were uploaded to that channel. Happy to see ads on our site? Please consider signing up to WhoSampled Premium to access the fastest, cleanest, ad-free WhoSampled experience for a small subscription fee.

Prior to release, Emma uploaded the full Sucks to Be You music video to her channel, where it has reached over 1 million views. She had a hamster named Sally, who died in January November 11, [age 26] is a British YouTube vlogger, comedian, and musician from Essex, England.

Boy Talk which features Blackery's now ex-boyfriend LukeIsNotSexyHair Growth which Blackery talks about a few products she's been using to grow live flirts online mail chatting malaysia hair back after shaving it for a charity eventand LBTL which Blackery 'Lives Below the Line' for five days off of five pounds to raise awareness for poverty.

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Although her management had been agreeing to work with Apple for a while, she never really thought much of it. Adblock Plus Click the AdBlock Plus button on the top right of your browser's toolbar addons and click Disabled on whosampled.

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Prior to creation of Emma's current gaming channel, she created one in called "EmmaFailsAtGaming". She released the music videos of two of the songs featured on that album on her vevo channel on YouTube, Dirt on Mar 15,and Agenda on May 3rdalong with the lyric videos for both Agenda and a song titled Icarusand an acoustic rendition of Dirt.

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This channel also features music videos. Shortly after releasing a video for her first home demo, Fixation, she began a Let's Read series to E.

Emma has over 1. However, they're both on very good terms.

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In MayBlackery made the channel titled Emma Blackery originally with the purpose of uploading home song demos and music videos. After much online speculation on October 24,Luke Cutforth released a video confirming that they were officially dating.

The EP had 5 songs, also releasing two music videos on her first official vevo channel. The most popular of those videos left on her channel is " My Very First Dating Rap Video ", which currently has overviews.

In AugustEmma created a talk channel Vloggery with K subscribers.

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In the end, Emma just ended up deleting it, although you can still find reuploads of her playthroughs on archive channels on YouTube. Along with the event, Apple has also featured the artwork on various Macbook adverts and commercials.

Emma Blackery also had a gaming channel called BirdyBoots that she used to upload quite often on. She has also collaborated with other YouTubers such as Dodie Clark to create music. In that same video, Blackery also set the goal of reachingsubscribers on her second channel boxesoffoxes.

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Here are the instructions on how to disable your ad blocker: InEmma began uploading on a channel called " emmaforthewin ", which currently only has eight videos available publicly, giving the impression that she has privatized many others.

InEmma revealed that she was in a relationship but did not reveal the identity of her boyfriend as they wished for the relationship to remain private.

We've detected that your browser isn't showing ads. After the creation of this series and it's presumed demise, Blackery began to create comedy vlogs, inspired by her YouTube inspiration Shane Dawsonin December However, the channel had been inactive since 10th Junebefore it's inevitable deletion.

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This channel was created in January She is releasing an album, Villians, on August 31, If you are running an ad blocker, please disable it on whosampled.

Emma continued to use this channel until a year after the creation of her current main channel. Emma had planned for the channel to feature daily vlogs as well as various rambling vlogs. At the beginning of JanuaryBlackery made it a new year's goal for herself to reach one million subscribers at which point her channel hadsubscribers.

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This channel is no longer available on YouTube. Contents [ show ] History Emma Blackery's first channel was called "Pink Fluffy Hat Time", so named because she would wear a pink fluffy hat bought for her by her dad in the videos. Emma once created a channel called BlackeryTV and used it as a side channel to feature more content, but this channel was later deleted and is no longer available on YouTube.

Released under Luke Cutforth 's record label, Distance shot to 1 in the iTunes Rock Chart and peaked at 15 in the overall iTunes album chart.