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As the dragon, he is in the back. He hates being in the gardening club, because he thinks it's too bright. Armin sometimes nicknames his brother "Alex". Family Armin's parent's; Victoria and Arnoldare not the slightest bit strict and don't stop him from doing anything he likes, like staying up the whole night to play video games.

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Being twins, Alexy and Armin are very close. Ludomatic online dating his stomach, he has green checkered strips of fabric in a X shape.

In Little Red Riding Hood, he wears a brown bear suit. They share a sense of humor and trust each other completely. Unlike his brother, Alexy, Armin is quite interested in girls.

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He wears a green checkered belt with a gold plait on it. Faraize's announcements, she accidentally slips and Armin helps her to get up.

Armin is shameless and seems to have quite a perverted mind. Armin and Alexy also joked about Kentin wearing things like, ep 26 sweet flirt armin pants, that are out of fashion; but when Kentin was sad on hearing rude comments from Lucy, Armin helped him to feel better by taking him to his brother.

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Their quarrels usually start due to their different tastes, such as a quarrel they had about having a play about Metal Gear, although it doesn't happen too often and is usually not serious. In Episode 17, when Rosalya talked about your Candy's underwear in front of boys; unlike the other boys, Armin didn't blush or keep quiet, he easily commented about your Candy's underwear without getting embarrassed.

Armin even jokes about it in Episode His pants have black and white vertical stripes. The suit has a light brown stomach and the inside of the ears are light brown.

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Alexy and Victoria often join forces against Armin and Arnold, who don't stand a chance against them.

He does not wear the goggles. Armin doesn't prefer flashy and bright clothes; instead he likes black and thinks that girls in black clothes look good. He is dressed as the Mad Hatter.

Overall, he appears to dress stylishly for he is normally seen wearing a purple scarf, a light brown undershirt, an egg-shell colored over shirt and a navy blue vest, jeans, and multiple bracelets on his left hand. He has a green checkered tie.

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On his hands are white gloves. In Episode 20, when your Candy asks him if he has learned the text that Mr.

It is revealed in Episode 37 that Evan is Armin and Alexy 's long-lost brother. Armin first joked about Kentin having leveled up, just like in Pokemon. Armin is also known for being super lazy.

It's also revealed that he cosplays in Episode 20 when speaking to Lucy. However, it was mentioned that his brother Alexy is the one that picks out his clothes for him as he dislikes shopping, especially with Alexy. In Episode 20, Armin is also found interested in talking to Lucy ; and when she asked him if he wanted to accompany your Candy and her to the courtyard, he happily accepts.

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He holds a staff with a green orb on the top. He also jokes openly to your Candy and has offered her to play with his video game many times.

The dragon is black with silver lined wings. In Alice in Wonderland, he wears a blue button up. Some games that he's talked about in particular are the Sims and Guitar Hero. Victoria adoptive mother Armin joins the school in Episode 10along with his twin brother Alexy.

They tell each other everything and are often seen together, and are also able to understand each other just by exchanging looks.

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When your Candy corrects Armin every time he says Deborah's name wrong, he seems to enjoy it and says her name wrong on purpose. He seems to get jealous when Candy bought a gift for Alexy, but not for him. In the same episode Armin offers your Candy some help in finding more information on Deborah which was later revealed that he actually just wanted to get his video game back from the teacher's lounge.

The hat has a green checkered sash and an ace of hearts followed by a second card sticking out of the sash.

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It is revealed that the twins are adopted, however this topic isn't at all sensitive to either of them. In Episode 15, when your Candy asks him if he has seen a girl with long brown hair and ripped jeans Deborahhe says that he would have liked to see that.

Personality Armin is a gamer and loves to play video games.

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In Episode 32, he reveals he went shopping with Alexy, a "special treatment" get gets about 3 times a year, giving him his current outfit, a blue beanie, and a gamer shirt. In Episode 14, when your Candy was looking for two more musicians to play in the band with Castiel and Lysander ; Armin claimed knowing how to play the drums; but later he told the group that he was talking about playing drums on Guitar Hero.

In Sleeping Beauty, as Maleficent, he wears a long cloak, The collar is spiked up with lime green lining. He wears a black top hat with the top of it coming off. Castiel and Lysander seemed a bit angry on that but Iris found it funny and felt bad that Armin couldn't really play with them, since she would have liked to get to know him better during practices.