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They also saw a close friend of Key, Sunny is the name, together with her boyfriend Sungmin.


But Eunji didn't mind at all, so it wasn't really considered a stolen kiss. And honestly, she found him very hot. We already have our day off this week" "It's okay, she said yes already. I love you" And with just those three words, the anger, the disappointment, the irritation that Eunji svenska italienska lexikon online dating feeling for Key earlier just vanished.

Four of them decided to just eat together. She's still sleepy, but she wanted to see Key more.


She sat down to check, only to see a pillow beside her. But it doesn't mean she gave up on his stubborness, because she's more stubborn than him.

Eunji leaned her head on his shoulders, and clung her arm on his. Good morning" Key greeted when he turned around.

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They still tease one another, but they would get over it immediately. His agency SM Entertainment denied it as well. So she was the main reason the girls beat the boys' team "I'm very impressed, miss Jung Eunji" Key said, clapping for her.

For almost two years until Januarythey have lived in the same apartment complex and jokingly called themselves the "Mangwondong Family. I'm your servant for the day" Key winked at her, making her giggle, but cringe at the same time.

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Give it an Upvote! Just eat your food" Still, Key can sense Eunji's bad mood towards him. Eunji can be cheesy as well, he thought. They started to feed each other, and do sweet things. But instead of giving in, she pushed Key, making him fall on the grass.

Key Brings all the Girls to the Yard

She also knew deep inside she can't stay mad at him for too long. Perceptions are hard sunggyu and eunji dating change. She turned to her other side, wanting to sleep more.

But Eunji was still glaring at him, still waiting for him to take the food she's giving.

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He wrapped his arms around her body, and he put his head on her shoulders, stealing a kiss on her cheek. She grabbed a bread, slice it in half, and put some bacon and omeletter inside of it. She's been there before, so she could use it again, she assumed.

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This time, Woollim is backtracking and admitting that Myung-soo did date the ulzzang, Kim Do-yeon. He was born and raised in Daegu, South Korea. He kissed her forehead, and returned to their older position, as Key rocked her body back and forth.

I sunggyu and eunji dating like Sunggyu would be more careful in dating since he's so conservative and whatnot so either he'd be a lot more secretive about it, or just date a non-idol.

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You're only mine, ok? But he still continued to pursue her. He knows Eunji is just concerned, and he kept on saying no to her earlier. I'm trying to eat" "You can still eat while I'm doing this" "Well I don't like it, so stop" Key just can't think of anything to do to make Eunji forgive him.

Key caught her from behind, and lifted her, making Eunji to laugh so loud. They did a lot of fun things at the beach. Key noticed Eunji's expression changed, and it was his fault.

This time, she fully opened her eyes, wanting to clear the confusion of hers. Eunji was just looking at him. Key made her turn around, and put his hands around her waist. Since she doesn't have a toothbrush with her, all she could do was to gargle with water.

He won't let his day start wrong, and he won't let Eunji's day to start bad as well because of him. Eunji felt love, as much as Key felt.

Especially now that I'm your girlfriend.