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It single girl status quotes for instagram just about the first proper sports manga series I read; as a general rule, after hearing about Prince of Tennis, and being a sports fan, I found it better to watch sports than to read about them.

The manga is honestly nothing without him. The story itself is great except the America arc, that was pretty crappy. Being the main catalyst and driving force of the team, Hiruma's brilliant plays and general steadiness of being quarterback pulls the team through, and his use of firearms is amusing and at times gut busting, whilst his heroic moves, especially against the Dinos, are amongst the best moments in the series.

Not to mention I can't count all the times that random things in the story have had me bursting out laughing! Brilliant trick plays, defeat and victory are all part of this series that can even rival Slam Dunk in terms of being a sports manga. However, as many people will agree with me, the best part of the story is Hiruma.

Eyeshield 21 Episode 111 Subtitle Indonesia

Their designs are very unique, fleshed out, and very real. When we thought the last play was already fantastic, the next match is even more mind blowing.

This is one of those series where a secondary character Not the main protagonist ends up being the most popular character, and with good reason. There's so much more that they could have done with it and I still feel the series was lacking because of that.

This is one manga I recommend everyone read, if only the first few chapters to say you tried.

What happened?

And I'm so glad I did. It's a very unique twist on a very old and well loved sport. You might have to endure the first few chapters, being mostly team building stories, but when the series hits full stride, it can't be stopped.

That being said, he is also one of the most complicated characters, and his relationship with Mamori is another great part of the story. As the description says, great humour and bone-crunching action awaits you.

What's better is the uniqueness of every single team, and their different styles.

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The characters are all wonderful and have excellent personalities, and the main team of characters start off as a bunch of haphazard underdogs trying to achieve what seems like an impossible dream for them in the beginning, so you can't help but want to cheer for them!

The artwork for the series is also fantastic, and the characters are very distinct and well done, and bring out the style their team plays. Effectively, the story is about a bunch of misfits fight their way through the National Championships of American Football, building a team from scratch.

I think the thing that really makes this story works is that there is a separate person for each part meaning there's one person working on art and another on the story. MangaHelpers Administration are aware of this and are following up with the relevant license holders.


One of the things I love is the characters. Unlike so many other shounen protagonists, Sena and the rest of the Devilbats aren't perfect and they do have their losses in the series, but that's what great about them and part of what makes the plot so much fun!

Each one has their strong points and weak points and you can relate to them all. The team would be less than perfect if even one person were missing, even Ishimaru.

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While it might be a bit unreal it still keeps to the feel of competition and the need to work with your teammates rather than against them.

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Now don't get me wrong, there are many wonderful authors who do art well but the reason I enjoy how it's employed in ES21 is that it keeps the art crisp from week to week and the story very strong.

It was through a friend's reccomendation I finally started reading the series. However, I admit I was disappointed with how much they tried to rush the plotline during the last arc, all in an effort to get to the final match.

Just when you think one match was awesome, the next is even better. Though very unrealistic in many aspects, the basic rules and concepts are still there, and employed in a very creative manner.

It has it's serious moments, but at the same time, it definitely knows how to laugh at itself. You don't have to be a fan of American football to like it, since like I said, I don't normally like the sport. It's just a fun to read! Permalink " " Aug 20, Review by Abnormalabnormalty Eyeshield Login or register to review Benefits of Registration: But even if there isn't, I still love the series all the same and recommend it to anyone.

Eyeshield 21 Episode 111

The team has to rely on luck and build on their past failures in order to keep going as they fight for national glory. I can't find fault with either, honestly. But that's the great thing about this series. You don't even have to normally like sports manga. Though even with that flaw, it still makes me really sad that the series has ended now and I keep hoping a sequel series will start up since we are given a brief glimpse into the future at the end.

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