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The speech saying drug users should be shot was clearly facetious, but it contained a serious point. Keep it, in any case, familiar, facetious even, rather then pedantic and portentous.

I believe this council is generating more negative attention, division, and controversy than tangible benefits for the city of Hopewell. First, see if you can guess their meanings from these two quotes: Anarella online dating means joking, often in poor taste.

Facetious Definition What does facetious mean? Quasi-Facetious In the film Demolition ManSylvester Stallone plays a policeman named John Spartan who was frozen and reanimated years later to fight crime in a futuristic society.

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Does George Bush possess a disarming grin, or a facetious smirk? I want to know and meet a nice, energetic, healthy, facetious, honest and loyal friend.

When Betty called John the most brilliant man in the world, she was being facetious. I used the telephone.

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Neither facetious nor sarcastic comments are meant literally, but the aim of facetiousness is humor. At the risk of sounding facetious, I have to ask who really cares about all this? Sarcasm involves cutting or sneering remarks that have mocking or contemptuous undertones.

Witty is an adjective that means amusingly clever.

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Taco Bell is the only restaurant to survive the Franchise Wars. What is the sentence that you can use for the word surfeit in the sentence? Well, a museum in the Philippines is helping people do just that.

Old Liu, he was always living in a single room after he divorced, and the facetious humoristic nature of him made a good relationship with his neighbors. The phrase "embrace and extend" also appears in a facetious motivational song by Microsoft employee Dean Ballard, and in an interview of Steve Ballmer by the "New York Times".

He's just being facetious.

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If that is not the intent, the speaker must clarify his or her motive. Does facetious have anything to do with facets? Your tone is quasi-facetious. More Vocab Words tutelage - guardianship; training; function of a tutor; instruction catapult - slingshot; hurling machine; V: A good breakdown of quasi-facetious appears on ChaCha.

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A "word" is an element of speech that makes up a sentence. He wrote a word essay. I was merely being facetious when I told her that if we wanted to stop having arguments, we should all just sing songs together.

In one facetious article he promised to show the government how to double the number of jobs in the railroad industry. Here are some examples of sentences that include the word "Word: Stop being facetious; this is serious.

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To find a similar wordyou can use a thesaurus. If I could sum up the meeting in two words they would be fractious and factious.

Use a sentence with the word abducent? Facetiously is the adverb form of facetious.