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We have no doubt, though, that she'll end up with a sweet stud again.

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They will all grow up and become spoiled brats who can't behave in a respectful manner. The moment I saw her on T. I will always love her and support her until she's gone.

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While there Raven signed with the Ford Modeling Agency. Most of the people listed here are still children or just too young for this type of pressure. I also bet they don't remember any of it.

I have so much more to add but I think this is enough to prove that Laura Marano is worthy of all our attention. She has amazing vocals for a 17 famous disney stars dating each other old.

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U are the best actor and u are so beautiful and I love your show Jessie I watch it all the time and I love you and u are meant to in first place and I am crazy fan of u are the best Hi Peyton list you now I love dresses too.

Along with acting, Dylan owns a What I am trying to say is that Sabrina Carpenter rocks! These are your favorite child Disney stars grown up! Emily has become a pretty big star, and Tony Oller really isn't, so it is no wonder that the two don't seem to be going out together anymore, although it is pretty hard to find out much about either one of hot hookup tips love lives.

She's a great Actress!

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They sent her out on a audition for a movie called Ghost Dadwhich also starred the legendary Bill Y is he 18th.? By the age of nine, she knew So that's why I'm fond of her. Especially the one about Trish getting bullied.

Whether the child stars of hit Disney Original Series like Even Stevens, or the teen heartthrobs who danced into your heart in Disney Channel Original Movies paging Zac Efron, come in Zac Efronthe Disney stars you remember from your youth have grown up too, and some are even well-adjusted LOL Hollywood actors or famous musicians!

He's a believable loveable actor.

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Carter has been arrested numerous times and has been to rehab, and guess what? What bad thing did she do to you? Oh wait, she actually did end up going out with another Disney star, pretty much right after you broke up.

You may not know it but you are making a difference in my life and all your fans lives.

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Unlike most Disney Channel stars these days She's gorgeous, and an amazing singer unlike a lot of Disney Channel stars these days She was also hilarious as Kim on 'Kickin' it'- I was gutted when she left.

This is probably because Emily really wants to keep her private life secret, as well as the fact that no one in the entire world cares who Tony is dating unless it's his actual girlfriend.

Love will tell us where to go My song for you Livin on a high wire Are favourite and learn by heart I often get bored by listening songs one after another but when the topic turns to your songs I never got bored I never get bore and I'll never get bored I think people will vote and agree this by putting their thumb up b because only fools will put there thumbs down for you love you Bridget Mendler no competition, she's smart, kind, a great role model, she never seems to swear, keep's a fresh face, doesn't use auto tune, and doesn't sit naked on a wrecking ball in the middle of her songs, she's an amazing singer, doesn't throw fake publicity stunts This girl and Demi are the two best singers Disney has produced.

What I mean is that her role as Ally really amuses me and she just nailed it. I knew she was gonna blow up in the making. Anyway I have been supporting her ever since Girl Meets World came out!

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Please be sensitive, as this is painful. I met her 2 times before and she is so kind and sweet. You know how you can tell how this relationship is going to be totally different for Dove? How can you say anything mean to her if you haven't met her?

By the way, who names these shows? And I'm not just saying that cause he's hot. I believe in China and I know she can accomplish anything that she puts her mind to. So hot and he have abs he also one of the most hottest Disney Channel boy Amazing. His character on good luck Charlie Gabe is funny sneaky and cool.

Your amazing Sofia I don't just like you because your famous but deep inside I like you for who you are and you're the best Sofia Carson is the best I love her she rocked adventures in babysitting!

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What are they doing on this place, they should be on the top, No. I watch her YouTube channel Lauryn and China and she and her older sisters are funny. I love the actor and his show! Love you in kicken it rock on Jasmine B. His only main appearance was in High School Musical.

As much as I love her I disagree with the this list. Even though I don't know China she is like my best friend. I also have a tiny crush on him He had great potential.

She inspires me to be the best me, and she makes me smile.