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However, a few words on the performance of the student Fender guitars may be insightful, particularly to those who have never played them.

By nature, a shorter scale length will cause changes in tuning even slight to be more pronounced. Again, see here for more details. Mid to current: By all Stratocaster models were again 4 bolt.

Fender's 3/4 Scale Guitars:

White pickguards single layer: Gray bottom pickups would be the rule, but black bottom pickups were used from old stock as late as Also, the bridge design two strings per saddle hampers precise intonation.

Recent "bogus" Strat saddles are now available in which many individuals pass-off as super campeones 110 latino dating. The rest of the naming convention stayed the same for the brief remainder of the life of the short scale necks, for example: Still used the black tolex case, but now the case exterior has a plastic Fender logo with a "tail" under the "Fender".

They instead used the paint stick fender neck plates dating sim suspend the body while drying. There are many other markings typically found on student Fenders; markings that generally reveal the assembly-line production and inspection nature of the beast. In the course of the initials were dropped and just the date was written, usually in pencil or sometimes in a thick grease pencil or felt pen.

Some Mexican made models use Poplar bodies. A black "CBS" Fender logo was applied on the headstock, under the finish.

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Fender used Kluson tuners exclusively on all models. You can also check with your local pawnshops, as most refer to this book, or one like it, to establish the values or used instruments. To some degree the effect is not only caused by age and sun, but the "felting" of the black layer below the white layer.

Leo Fender never intended for his guitars to become collectors items. In many instances, there is no exact known date for a specific guitar.

Fender Neck Plate

From to Fender guitar unique numbers were stamped in the bridge cavity cover plate. The only case missing from this photo is the to style "brown" case with the lighter colored burnt orange interior.

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Probably less than a handful were shipped to dealers when the supply of 4, CRL switches had run out by mid Tone Capacitors to In earlyFender moved to a black tolex case with the same dark orange interior. These necks have a definite "V" profile, in hard and soft variations.


In either case, all original Tele switch tips have some stampings on their bottom side. Fender was obliged to act. Tuner buttons were chrome plated plastic. Noticeably heavier bodies began to appear as well, though "inconsistent" is the best way to describe guitar weight during this period.

The standard color scheme was changed from Desert Sand to a tan color, the name of which was evidently never heavily promoted by Fender, and is not known to the author.

How to Date your Fender Guitar by Serial Number

The interior was a bright red plush shag. The exterior case logos used through the years.

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Fall to late 's: Body dates were phased out at about the same time the Shaded Sunburst finish was offered on the student line. As you can see from this over-simplified example, serial number assignment was fairly random. The top row of knobs are ABS, the bottom row are "bakelite" polystyrene.

The Mustang was an instant hit, and ironically its popularity would shortly allow Fender to discontinue the Duo-Sonic. And later, Arbiter also became a Fender distributor in the U. Click here for a comparison of old and new pbass plastic pickup covers.

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They decided that it would be easier to decipher the serial number code than just write the year on the guitar. The case had a bulb shape at the peghead. Adjusts at the "butt" of the neck by the pickups.

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By the end of the summer, when Fender began to use the light gray fiber bobbins, the stamp was discarded in favor of a hand-written date and initials, such as: Necks were consistently dated at the heel end, and offer the most widely accepted reference when discussing a specific Fender guitar's age.

They were certainly one busy little company in the mid s when, surveying their electric guitar line-up, they decided to add a low-end instrument to accompany their mid-priced workhorse Telecaster guitar and the high-end Stratocaster.

All other sizes were available by special order only.

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See the picture above. Reissue vintage Strat bridge saddles are also stamped metal. Serial numbers are basically chronological, but there is some overlap amoung years. They serve as an example of what absurdities CBS Fender was capable of commiting.

Most ash bodies are two or even three pieces, but sometimes a one-piece body was used.