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She then sings her own song she created, "The Climb", but afterward the crowd pleads with her to carry on being Hannah, with the little girl telling Miley that they won't tell anyone her secret. This tug of war of personas also shows up in the movie's music: Billy Ray Cyrus has also expressed a desire for Willie Nelson to appear.

None of the cast was on the set. The film entered post-production in July Suddenly, Robby and Right hook uppercut have their own relationships. Suddenly, Oswald appears and takes a picture on his mobile phone but after encouragement not to by his twin daughters; he changes his mind and quits his job.

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She also stated that the producers and cast are making a script. Online reported there was an accident on the set during the filming on June 3, Matters get worse when Robby has to break up with Loralie, needing to take care of his daughter.

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Miley struggles to switch between the two venues as both forms. Upon finding the finished chicken coop that he and Miley were building and hearing the Hannah Montana song "Rock Star", Travis, feeling a little guilty, decides to go to the concert to support Miley.

Tellingly, the best songs that Cyrus sings on the soundtrack have her own name on them -- aside from the goofy "Hoedown Throwdown," which feels more like a parody of down-home fun than a tribute to it. That same day, they leave for the World Music Awards in New York on a private jet, but landed to Crowley Corners, Tennessee, her hometown because of it being her grandmother Ruby's birthday and that he wants her to see the life she could have had.

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Medical personnel have treated the extras and crew involved. Later, Hannah ends up in a fight with Tyra Banks over a pair of shoes. The plot is said to center around the Stewart family's return to Tennessee. She promises to go, but has been invited to dinner with the Mayor by Loralie Lilly had been disguised as Hannah at the time.

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However, the best song on Hannah Montana: The Movie and its soundtrack try to present the best of many worlds -- pop and country, California and Tennessee, Disney and non-Disney artists -- and it's also a little weird.

He immediately rejects Miley and she is devastated. While Miley then sings " Hoedown Throwdown " until the mall developers arrive.

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Cyrus ' husky twang sounds far more natural, more down to earth and grown-up, on songs like "Don't Walk Away," "Dream," and "The Climb," all of which recall the Shania Twain -lite of her debut album, Breakout.

Robby is left furious over the fight of Hannah and Tyra reported over the newspapers and her behavior over the past few months. Soon she feels like she let Robby and herself down because of the date and the dinner. Steve Rushton performs at Lilly Truscott's birthday party.

Miley spends time with Lilly, who has arrived as Hannah Montana and along with Hannah Montana's publicist, makeup, hairstylist, stage directors, wardrobes dinner: Hannah suddenly stops mid-song, seeing Travis show up.

When Miley sees Travis, talking to him as Hannah, she encourages him to ask Miley out; he decides to take her advice.

Hannah Montana: The Movie

The Movie belongs to Taylor Swift. Her "Crazier" is more genuine, more effortless, than any of Miley or Hannah 's tracks, which is all the more interesting considering that Swift is, in a lot of ways, what Hannah Montana was aiming for in the first place: The Moviefrom "Butterfly Fly Away," a treacly duet between Miley and her dad Billy Rayto the inclusion of songs from country stars in an attempt to add more authenticity to Hannah 's sometimes suffocating world.

When Oswald secretly follows her limo to the party, she is forced to attend as Hannah instead of Miley, resulting in the guests turning their attention to her instead of her best friend, especially when Hannah is accompanied by Steve Rushton and Days Difference in her performance of "Let's Get Crazy".

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Eventually she lets her guard down and is caught by Travis and a little girl holding her Hannah outfit and wig. Fortunately, there was no serious injury.

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Oliver and Rico try to stop Lilly from leaving, but the party is now ruined by eulcose gas tanks. Cameo appearance Taylor Swift as a woman singing in the bar. She went to say there would be many guest stars, and herself riding horses and attending school.

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Later, she tries to write a song, but when Travis ignores it, she is unable to write. She has a rough time adjusting to farm life while trying to be herself and Hannah, and Oswald takes a picture of her and Lilly, and Lilly is the one that invited Oswald to come here for a secret by accident.

The soundtrack's segmented track list adds to its strangeness; after so many songs about going back home and getting back to roots, it's a little disorienting to return to Hannah 's glitzy world with "Let's Do This" and "Spotlight.

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