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Technical information

Because she clings onto her beliefs, she feels that she can't be with Finn despite her feelings for him. Can travel through grass. At finns i chatten flirten end of the episode, Finn revealed that he had been playing his flute for her, and in turn she revealed that she had been playing her flute for him.

Personality She is initially shown as laid-back, and appears to have a sarcastic and insolent approach to things.


Relationships Finn Huntress Wizard first met Finn in "Flute Spell," where she had came across him playing his flute while nude in a river.

She also sports a quiver of arrows on her back, suggesting that she is an archer. Her arrow can deflect acidic attack from Grumbo. Can fire bolts of lightning from her palms.


Has magic arrows that she can levitate. However, in the episode " The Wild Hunt ," Huntress Wizard helps Finn by putting herself in danger to help him overcome his mental blockade. Physically stronger than Finn. Can detect the use of plant based magic from others. Can carry him on her back and run with high speed.

She has a fear of becoming soft, so strong that it led her to the madness and sadness which comes with wizardry. She wears a tan glove on one hand but not on the other, another sign of an archer.

Can grow leaves and branches from her body.


Can become a tree or log and attach to another tree. After that, Huntress Wizard flirts with Finn by saying "We both know you're totally in love with me. It was later shown in "Flute Spell" that she is one of a single-minded focus, only being able to see what is in front of her.

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Can weave her arrows and ropes from grass. She is seen again fighting among several other wizards against Bella Noche in the episode " Betty.

In " Seventeen ," Huntress Wizard attends Finn's birthday party and gives him an elk's heart in a box as a present, which could possibly be read as a token of affection.

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Abilities Is very swift and agile. She helps fend off an attack by Fern and Gumbaldand offers Finn help by telling him to eat the heart to gain strength, though this only winds up making him sick.

She has light green eyes with dark green vertical pupils similar to those of a cat, and her skin is turquoise.